Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mamavation Monday : Eek!

Eek! I'm a day late posting this. I wish that I had some brilliant reason...actually, I do have a reason. The police. Yep. The police are why I didn't have this up yesterday. What happened you ask? Well, let me tell you.

On Saturday night, after Roger's last football game, I was driving home with Ben. We decided to stop at the gas station to get a drink. I pulled in, up against the giant dumpster, turned off the van, look in the rear view mirror and I'm pinned in by a big 'ol police suv with all of its lights a flashin'. I waited. Nobody got out. Finally, I got out and went to the sidewalk. The policeman asked if I knew my headlight was out. Umm..nope, sure didn't but I appreciate knowing. Hand him my information. Crud. My insurance card expired on my birthday. One warning and one ticket later...yep, I spent yesterday getting the headlight repaired ($14.87), new ink for my printer ($15) and then coming home and printing out my proof of insurance. Really, I'm lucky. This oops cost me $30 and this afternoon, the ticket will be thrown out. Dramatic, no?

So here I am on Tuesday and still posting. I don't really have anything brilliant for you, other than that comic up there. I was looking for something to do with walking and found that. It cracks me up and hopefully it does you too. Plus, since I'm just getting over bronchitis it felt appropriate.

Ok...so none of this has a lick to do with weight loss or even really any sort of genius post, but you know what? That's just fine and dandy. It's just a bit of me talking to all of you and saying hi and how are ya and I hope things are swell. I kind of have to go now though. I'm going to Austin this weekend and I still have laundry to do, posts to write, a ticket to get thrown out...oooh..and here we go, weight loss related... a pedometer to get a new battery in! That's right. I'm curious how much walking I actually do at a con. My feet say miles. I'll fill you in next week once I'm home again. I warn you though..I'm not flying back until Monday so it will probably be another Tuesday posting.

Have fantastical magical supernominal weeks and get those steps in!



Have an amazing week yourself. Continue to feel better coming off your bronchitis.


Hope your week goes well and you feel better soon. Have fun in Austin.


I laughed! :)
Have a safe week!


I mean trip! LOL!!! Have a safe trip! And a good week! HA HA HA HA!!!!

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