Monday, June 20, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Life Revisited

Happy Monday, world! Yep, somehow it's Monday again. Honestly, if someone hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known. The past week has been beyond insane. Let me give you the short version.

My grandmother is in a home for rehabilitation after being beyond sick. It turns out that one of my sister's boyfriends brought roaches into the house. The house must be prepped for fumigation (combine hoarder style grandmother with combining two houses). My family wants me to do this. I go over and with the help of my mother, niece and my two awesome boys, after 42 hours (low end estimate) and 5 days, we get all but 1/2 of the upstairs hallway, my sister's room and a small smidge of my nephews' room done. We hauled out something like 30 bags (30 gallon) of trash and probably close to that in 13 gallon bags for donation. My parents were supposed to finish it by now so we could fumigate but there seems to be a snaffu there. I'm trying not to let that get my blood pressure up. It will get done today or I'll be going over on Wednesday to do it myself. I don't want to do it myself. They're grownups.

So, I've been home since Wednesday because Peter (the ex-husband type person) took the boys up to Mackinac for the weekend. How awesome is that for them? They spent the week busting their tails with me and got to have a fun weekend up north. I'm so glad that he does that sort of thing with them. I think it's good for all of them. As for me, I've been sick. I don't want to imagine what I inhaled at my grandmother's house. Combine that with the smoke inhalation from my parents' house and my lungs are crying. Even today I feel as if I'm breathing through water. It sucks. I have to press through though.

I haven't been eating, drinking or exercising the way that I should. I've mostly  been trying to find energy. Starting today though, I'm getting back to drinking. Water is good for me and will help me heal faster. I know this. I don't know why I wasn't doing it but I'm going to do it now. As for weight loss, well I don't know. I was down 3 pounds after coming home but since being home, I might have put them back on. I didn't weigh in today because ...umm....well, because I didn't want to.

In all seriousness, I need a fresh start and with my family in turmoil/insanity, I'm just trying to survive right now.  I'm not going to do proper weigh ins until some of that has settled down. More pressure on me right now won't help things.  I am planning on doing the Gruntstyle challenge come the 11th. It scares me, but I'm going to give it a shot. Now, if Leah could only tell me how to tie my boobs down so mountain climbers and jumping about doesn't give me a concussion. I suggested ace bandages and she laughed at me, so perhaps that's not it. Suggestions anyone?



Hoo boy I think your week would challenge ANYONE.

By the by, I'm a Michigander. Or, at least I was until 3 years ago. I was born and raised in Flint (and lived in Ann Arbor for about 7 years). I miss the mitten!

Beth M

What a week. Bless you for surviving!
Water drinking is a great plan to focus on this week. Keep moving and remind yourself to drink more water. Hope you feel better too!


I'm sure that all of that hard work cleaning & hauling is more of a workout than you know, and bless you for doing it. The dirty jobs are never pleasant, but
i'm sure it's much appreciated. I hope you get to feeling better quickly!

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