Monday, July 4, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Holding Steady When Life Is a'Rockin!

Hello, my lovelies! Ok, why is my font so small? That's just weird...hang on....There. That's better. No wait, now it looks huge. Does it look huge to all of you? hang on again...How about this? Somewhere in the middle. No? Yes? Well, let's go with it for now. 

So, it's Monday and I'm home. Home is good. Honestly, the whole situation with my family had me going insane, not to mention getting physically ill from inhaling cigarette smoke. I sadly had to draw a line and just say I can't come back for a while. It was having a negative psychological effect on my kids and that's just not cool. Those guys have to come first and I'd be a rather poor mama if I didn't put them first.

Of course, this means, I came home and cleaned more in my own house. I'll admit that I wasn't all drill sergeant this past week. We still worked some every day and we're nearly caught up on laundry which is a blessed miracle in itself around here. Once that's done, we'll finish up my bedroom and get a start on the downstairs. I'm so excited about this! Why? Well, because I work and thrive more in an organized environment plus..drumroll please...I've decided to host the next round of Kzoocation at my house! 

But what is Kzoocation, I hear you all asking..Ok, it could be the voices in my head, but let's just play along, ok? It is only the most awesome thing ever! It started out when Laura (@LoCiaravino), Rachel (@RachHabs) and I realized that we'd all be in the same area at the same time. It ended this afternoon when I came home. It wasn't anything full of swag or expensive things. It was simply 3 totally awesome girls (if I say so myself and I totally do so don't argue!) who went out for dinner together, scared a guy at 7-11 together and had a million laughs together. We went in not all knowing each other..Ok, they knew each other and I was the newbie (at my age how often does that happen?) but they were totally awesome and we totally rocked it! We've already agreed that we have to do this again and I want to host the next round. It will probably move around and sometimes the people might change, but good support is something you just cannot have enough of and weekends like this are ...well, I'm making them mandatory.

Keep your eyes open because I'm adding them to this community. Since they both have weight loss blogs, they're going to be listed under the Friends of section. I totally expect all of you to love them as much as I do and to leave them lots of comment love. No excuses. Just do it. Now, I'm off to link this up and to think about my plan of attack for the week. 

Average Daily Water Intake: 40oz
Workouts: None
Weight Change: (current weight: 277.2)
Overall Weight Change: -14.6 pounds



You are just all kinds of awesome! Meeting you was one of the best weekends evah! You are beyond amazing and I consider you to be a close friend.
I will never be able to go to 7-11 without legit laughing out loud. I may get quite a few looks, but eh... :)

I'd hate to see you ladies after TWO!


This kind of official gathering sounds PERFECT! I am glad you three ladies had a wonderful time with each other. It is not about the swag, it is about the people.


I'm so glad that the world didn't collapse with the concentration of Awesomeness up there! And UBER glad y'all had such a great time since you ALL deserve it! UBER BIG HUGS LADY!


It sounds like you ladies had so much fun! I'm inspired to find the sistas in my area now!

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