Thursday, July 7, 2011

Positive Post Its

I want to introduce all of you to a project that I finished last night. This is my bathroom mirror and yes, those are post-its all the way around it. This project started with a single post it note. One night during Mamavation tv, Pete Cohen was talking and something he said resonated with me so I grabbed a sharpie and a post it and I wrote it down. Then, I hung it on my bathroom mirror to remind me.

Not long after, Shelley gave me an assignment to write post its for my mirror! Little did she know how far I would take this assignment. Let's face it, most of us who are trying to lose weight hate looking in the mirror. I had someone tell me the other day that they avoid looking in the mirror at almost all costs. I found this really sad. One of the first things we need to do is love ourselves and if we can't look at ourselves, clearly we are not at that point.

This is where "Positive Post Its" come into play. Each and every one of those notes around my mirror (yes, even at the top where the lights blinded the camera to them) holds a positive message. It may be a quote from a famous person. It may be something that someone said to me. A lot of them are just messages that counteract the negative thoughts that come into my head. Now, whenever I look at my mirror, my eyes are drawn to these notes and as I read them, instead of negative thoughts, my mind is filled with the positive. I can do this. I am beautiful, inside and out.

The other morning, I had the delightful opportunity to have breakfast with Laura. We were talking about my post its and she asked me if I'd ever had anyone else write one for my mirror. That one question was the basis for what I want to offer all of you right now.

We all know how important support is in this journey. We all know that I'm a big fan of leaving (and receiving) comment love on our journals. That support is key to our success in this journey. Without it, we're floating in a sea of how do I get there on my own. With it, we know our supporters will help to carry us during those moments of how do I do this. I want to offer you a piece of personal support. I want to offer you a personal positive post it for your mirror. Consider it a piece of love from me to you. It's not going to cost you anything other than you saying hey, can I have one? Your only obligation is to take it from its envelope and to place it on your mirror where you'll see it every time you're in that room. That's it. If you're interested, all you have to do is send me an email (close2midnight at, send me a dm (@craftsbykatie) or leave me a comment here. I really believe I can change the post it at a time.






ps I want one... and let's take it a step further... give one to get one?

Angela @ Nine More Months

First of all, I'm jealous that you had breakfast with Laura.

Second of all, I think this is an awesome idea! Sometimes it's a real battle with those negative voices in my head, and every little bit helps.


Very, very cool idea. Love the idea of exchange notes too.

Andrea Kruse

Great idea!!! And oh, so colorful. Thanks for sharing this great and inspirational idea.


I would love some love from you. My email is if you want to send me an email I will give you my address.

LoLo VAn

This idea rocks!!!!! I am about to go grab some post its and make my own mirror of happiness!!!! Thank you for sharing this idea!!!!

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