Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mamavation...Tuesday? A Day Late..

I'm a whole day late! Can you believe it? I don't know what happened, other than for all of last week, I could have sworn it was two days earlier in the week. On Thursday, I could have sworn it was Tuesday! This was a problem since I was supposed to go to Toledo on Friday evening! Luckily, I managed to pull it all together and have an amazing time with Lauren and some of the girls down there for her bachelorette party. We should have slumber party nights way more often!

Now, on the down side of things...My lungs still suck and with this humidity, they're just not getting better. I'm nearly at the point where I give in and call my doctor. Anyone who knows me knows I have to mega frustrated to call over and make an appointment. They're an hour away! However, I am so over this lung issue. I can't get a proper workout in because I get like 2/5 of the way through at Gruntstyle workout and I'm coughing. I'm not giving in though. I'm going to get through this!

All of this makes me feel like a major slacker though! I'm delinquent to my body and my health and that's just not cool. How many years am I stealing from myself and my family by not buckling down and doing what I know I need to do? Just like a credit card company charges a late fee that shorts my bank account, my body is charging me a slacker fee and shortening my life.

I feel like I write the same thing every week lately. This week I'm going to do it. This week, things are going to change. Am I a broken record? Maybe. Maybe I just need some super glue and duct tape. Those fix anything right? In this case, I need to fix me and it starts with finishing up my dang girly grossness (I started 9 days late and feel like it! Ugh! I know, guys, tmi..but just keep reading fast. I promise not to mention it again!) and get back to it. I can do this. I am doing this. I'm awesome. Yep. I am.



Hang in there, girl! You may feel like a broken record, but your body isn't cooperating right now. Do what you can, when you can. Hopefully all of this will pass soon. Hugs!


I'm wondering if perhaps there's another exercise (less aerobic) than the grunt style workouts that you could do? As Heather said, Hang in there!


You are awesome. I see a chiropractor for my breathing. My muscles lock up around my spine and lungs making it hard to breathe, a good back-ceracking and I no-longer feel like I'm having an anxiety attack. Just a thought.

Cute comic to go with your post.


Yes, yes you are awesome.

You may feel like you're shorting your time account by not exercising, but BE CAREFUL! I'd be really upset if you didn't go to the doctor, worked out really really hard, passed out, hit your head on something sharp and forgot me. Like really, really upset. Baby steps, girl. :)

Laila @OnlyLaila

Best of luck to you in meeting your goals this week! You can do it!


You are NOT a broken record. You DO need to consider a doctor. YOU CAN DO THIS! I love you :)


Please do call your doc! I finally did, and it turned out to be a fairly simple fix. Exercise induced asthma - my inhaler changed everything!

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