Monday, January 16, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Where am I?

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Where have you been I wish some had asked. Where are you now I wish some would ask. The truth is..I did just what so many others who have been put in the spotlight with Mamavation have done. I went off the radar. I don't know why. I love the group. I love their support. I love what they offer. But, for some reason, I went off the grid. I haven't linked up a post in over a month, I think. Yet, nobody contacted me to say, "Hey, are you ok? Why aren't you posting?" ..and that's ok. I'm pretty sure the reason why is that I was given an "automatic excusal" due to what's happening within my family.

The truth is..I don't know that I want an out. When given an out, it's so easy to take it and by taking it, I stop doing the work that needs to be done. Ok, not totally. I am still very aware of what needs doing. However, when taking the out, I give up more than I gain. I give up that support. It's that support that helps me through those days when all I want to do is curl up with an order of fries (not fast food ones, real fries) and a milkshake.

So, this weekend, I put out the call on my Facebook wall. I flat out said that anyone who wanted to could kick my butt and push me to get back to what I need to be doing. Already, Megan has poked me about my water intake. I totally missed her doing it yesterday but today, I saw it and it's in my head as I start my day. Megan cares that I drink my water and she cares about me. I won't let her down. Motivation and accountability can go hand in hand sometimes.

This week, I have the same busy schedule that I always do. In fact, it's a bit more because I'm slowly adding in pieces. Last week, I added back in writing this post. This week, I'm adding in linking it and using one of the dozen water bottles floating around this house. Step by step, I'm getting my life re-organized and back on track.



I am proud of you! This weight loss stuff is hard. I am right there with you though - ready to kick butt. Baby steps is just what is going to get the job done.

Your friends are here for you - always!!!

Andrea Kruse

I am glad to see you back! I was just thinking about the comment warriors last week and missing you. Finally I feel like the holidays are over and I am posting more myself. Christmas is time for family and I set that as my priority.

There is a lot of action right now with all the new faces so just jump in and get to work! Challenges or not, there is a lot going on. Have a great week!

Libby L

I've been watching your Facebook to make sure you're ok ;)

I heard something important last long as your heading in the right direction and putting one foot in front of the other, even if they're baby steps, you'll get there.



Some of us knew where you were, since we are following it on your other blog. :) Glad to have you back here too!! Sorry you did not feel missed. I know what it is like to jump off the radar and how much it means to have someone drag you back in. Now get your but in gear, there is hazing to be done :)


Hugs! I was hoping you would see me bug you, but wasn't sure which was the best place because you missed a few tweets the first week you went off grid, but I know I can always count on you "cleaning up".
You can do this and I'm around. Just let me know where works the best and I'll nudge you along until you are up and running :)

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