Monday, January 30, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Building Blocks

I honestly can't believe that it's Monday again already. The last week whipped by and here we are again. I want to start out by thanking those of you who read, commented on and shared last week's post. It was a very personal one for me and the fact that it touched others means a lot. This week's post is yet another post that only vaguely speaks of weight loss. It's far more about how baby steps and building routines are my current way of life.

You see, I spent a lot of last year completely overwhelmed and it got to the point where I basically shut down. I did the minimum it took to survive. I ate because I was supposed to. I took care of my boys because that's something I'd never not do. I was there for others because that's who I am. I let everything else go. This year, I don't want to live like that again.

January 1st always has a fresh start mentality for me. I can let go of what happened for the 365 days before that and look at life as a new canvas. It's a blank canvas and as such, I can add to it whatever I want.

There it is. My 2012. It's bright. It's clean. It's pure of all negativity. There's no depression there. There's no anxiety. There's just opportunity. Let me show you what my 2011 canvas looked like.

In it's own way, it's beautiful. You see lines of color, sections of beauty but overall, you see chaos. That was my 2011. It was chaos. I would have periods of time where everything would be coming together and then like in a Batman comic/show of old, something would go BAM! and chaos would reign all over again.

I don't want that for my life. So, for 2012, like a skilled artist, I will build the painting of my life. I don't care if this takes me the entire year. I don't care if it means that my house lies in chaos as I add in one small routine a week. In the end, I will have this:

Image courtesy of  The Johnson Galleries

Just like my home and the rest of my life, weight loss and fitness will come in stages. Right now, I am preparing the canvas. I am working through the mental aspects and adding in my water intake. Yes, I've been on this stage for a while but that's ok. It's best to do it properly versus rushed. In the end, I would rather do it properly and look like this (I already have the boobs! Just need to figure out how to get them up like that.):

Image Courtesy of Eric Basaldua

My other option would try to rush things. I could jump right in and workout 6 days a week. I could drink all the water I should be. I could make all the dietary changes I should make. I could do all that or I could starve myself to be "thin". The problem is..I'd never maintain the first one for more than a month or so if I tried doing it all at once. The second one? Well, we all know that's just not healthy and healthy is important to me. I want to be around to hang out with some of the incredible people I've met in the past year. I want to be around for my kids. I want to be around to enjoy the wonders of life around me. So, I'd rather do it right and be an EBAS (aka Eric up there) model versus do it wrong and end up burned out, used up and/or sick. Wonder Woman is far sexier than this:

Image Courtesy of The Walking Dead
So, welcome 2012, the year of building



Lmbo...a zombie...I can relate. The comes a point of total burn out. I'm going that water is working out. I have to drink every time I look at my phone so I'm not parched.
I'm hoping I'm not pushing you to hard with those challenges, but I remember your post after last comic con & I want you to reach your goal.


I LOVE that you can recognize that you need to gear up for the changes you want to make. I had a period of YEARS when all I could do was one step at a time. I'm here for ya!


Good luck! I know you can do this!!! Here's to a great 2012!!


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