Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Beginning

Not only is this a brand new blog, but it's a new start for me. A start on a journey that honestly flat out terrifies me. I've started and stopped trying to lose weight more times than I can count. Will this time be different? I honestly don't know, but I hope so. I'm hoping that having this place to come to will help me keep going down this path. It's a path that I know I need to take. I currently weigh 285 pounds and that's terrifying. I know that things need to change and I pray that my friends here will hold me up and keep me going. I pray that they will share what they're learning as they do Weight Watchers. I can't afford to join a group so I've created this group. Please, let this group help me.

Since I know that my water intake is always low, I'm going to start there. I'm going to allow myself one glass of juice a day and work hard on getting in 4 bottles (I have a nice water bottle) of water a day. Anything I drink past that will be a bonus. Once drinking the water becomes routine, I'm going to work on another problem area. There are plenty of problem areas to work on.


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