Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Photo Shoots & Me?!?

This is my friend, Eric. Anyone wanna guess what he is? Go on..I bet you can given what he holds in his hand and the title of this post..Go ahead. I'll wait...
Ok, I know you got it. He's a photographer. He's a very talented and skilled photographer. He's amazing. He's also convinced me to let him take pictures of me. Yeah, me. Plain, boring, needs to lose 100 pounds me. He'd also thwap me..ok, he wouldn't thwap me..but he'd chastise me for saying those things about myself. You see, from the first time we spoke practically, Eric has told me that he thinks I'm beautiful. I tell him I'm not. He tells me I'm not allowed to say I'm not. It might have taken him weeks before I consented to let him take pictures of me.

Now, in less than 1 week, I'll be standing in front of him, nervous as can be. I think I must be crazy to have agreed to do this. I've seen the girls that he shoots. They're gorgeous. Me? I'm just me. There's nothing special about me. I'm going to do this though..part out of this see, I'm going to show you that you're out of your mind, Eric mentality and part because I'm hoping he'll prove me wrong. I want to see myself as he sees me. Two totally different mindsets but still both very real.

On top of this, I've had three different people request photos of me for use on their websites. People must be losing their minds! Luckily, at least one is just a hand shot. Seriously. I'm being sent (and hopefully they arrive on time) a pair of mittens to model while in Phoenix. The owner of the site wants pictures of her mittens at the Phoenix Comicon and around town while I'm there. I don't think that Eric will be doing those unless he happens to catch me while we're both at the con. You see, he's actually one of the official con photographers. Seriously, the man is mega talented. So, those pictures will probably just be done with my own camera. He'll be doing the others though.

I'm betting y'all may be wondering how I'm handling the stresses of something like this. Honestly, I'm doing ok with them. I actually enjoyed a small ice cream cone yesterday without worrying about anything. I just enjoyed it. I did fairly well with eating this week. There weren't any intentionally skipped meals, not even after I had to spend two days bathing suit shopping.

On Thursday morning, I fly to Phoenix. I know that Eric, Justin and my newest friend, Walter will all be there. They all know about my eating problems and will be there to support and encourage me on days when skipping meals would be incredibly easy. For some unknown reason, they all love and care about me and even think I'm beautiful. You know, I just realized they all wear glasses..maybe that's the problem. ;)

In all seriousness, I'm doing ok. I'm beyond excited for this trip and the fact that I'm going to be wrapped up in love and hugs for the entire weekend. Hugs are my healing drug and I'm going to stock up on as many as I possibly can.



Please tell me you will post pictures for us to see.

Have a blast in Phoenix and rock that photo shoot :)

Sarah M

Have fun in Phoenix! I can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Tina Kelley


Enjoy this! Try not to focus on the preconceived image you have of yourself. I urge you to not look in the mirror until after he has taken the pictures, because if you are anything like me, you will find something wrong if given the opportunity to look close enough.


Good luck on the photo shoot! Just remember to have fun and be yourself! :)


I really hope you will share those pictures with us. I bet they come out a LOT better than you think they will. ;)


Have so much fun in AZ. I know you have been looking forward to it for so long. And I can't wait to see these pictures. :)

Anjanette Young

Sounds like an exciting and scary trip at the same time.

Have Fun...

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