Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mamavation Monday : Life's a Happy Song

This song will always have meaning to me. It could be because my best friend's name is Walter or that I took my boys to go see the movie it's in and so began their love of The Muppets. It could be any number of things, but at the end of the day, I love this song.

The other night, I was talking to Walter. We were talking about comic book reviews. You see, Walter is an inker in the industry. He's just starting out but already he's done a few books. Back when we were together in Phoenix, he signed one of his books to me :

"To Katrina,
The awesome of awesome. Let life always be a happy song."

I don't know if he knew how much that meant to me or not, but I mentioned the lyrics to this song the other night..Life's a happy song and he pointed out that there's a clause/a caveat on that line..with someone by your side.  It suddenly occurred to me one of the things that has changed for me lately. I no longer see myself as alone in this world.

I told him how that line doesn't have to mean a life partner or anything romantic at all. He's part of what makes my life a happy song. So are my kids and the amazing friends and people that I have surrounded myself with.

It's taken me a long time to realize that the person I need most is me, but that those that walk right along side me are the harmony. They're the rests when I need a break or the fun and silly runs when I need that. Life isn't always easy but it's always a blend of a lot of different notes.


Andrea Kruse

Great song!

Life is so much better with someone to help and share the load... for sure! That is why I love Mamavation. It really is nice to have ladies right there who accept you whole heartily and know what you are going through.

I hope this is a great week for you and life just falls into place. :)

Carter Family

I hope you have an awesome time camping with the boys. We need to get out and go camping again here we only went the one time and the boys loved it. I have to learn and relearn from time to time that ME is enough and to have a Happy Song.


I love this sentiment - you are your best company and support... but having others there that love you too add in some harmony add to the fun.


I so love these kind of posts from you. And anything that includes Kermie is awesome for me. :) Love you girlie!


goo luck camping...
have a great time


Such a sweet post! You can be your very best friend, but you can also be your own worst enemy. Keep the friendship alive!

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