Monday, March 14, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Wow...

Another Monday, another weigh in and another post. You'd think I'd get tired of this but I just don't. It could be because blogging and journaling are two things that I really love doing. It could be because for the first time in my life, I have an incredible support system backing me up on my journey for weight loss. It could just be that aliens stole my brain and sold it to the easter bunny.  Ok, that last one might be stretching things just a tiny bit...

So, how was everyone's week? Mine was pretty good. It was a tough food week because grocery shopping had to wait until today. That means eating whatever you can find and hoping it's not too horrible for you. That's tough for when you're trying to lose weight and be more conscious of what it is you're eating.

It was also week 1 of hazing over at Mamavation. This is an in between campaign period for them and it's when anyone who wants to apply to be considered for the next round of Mamas gets their video entry posted. Then, Stephanie (and from my understanding Leah) puts them through some serious daily workouts. I did a couple of them last week and wow! Leah said something about this week being upper body and needing hand weights for this week. If scheduling allows it, I want to get in on a few of those. I'm so tired of having flabby underarms. Blech! So not sexy!

Randomly or not so randomly, I noticed that I forgot to put my goals in last week's post. So here is my rundown of last week and my goals for this coming week.

Average Water Intake: 84oz
Workouts: 4 (1 walking dvd, 1 hazing, 2 EAS)
Weight Change: -1.6 (bring me down to 284.2)

Next week's goals:
Water Intake: 84oz
Workouts: 4 (including hazing)
Meals: Stick to the meal plan that I created for this week.

Question: What time of day works best for you to be active?  How do you make sure you stick to those planned workouts?
Since my schedule has changed and I'm now going into town 5x a week, I've learned that I need to get my workout done in the morning. If I don't, I'm quite often feeling just too tired from the days stresses, etc to make myself get back up off of the couch to do it. However, since the hazing has begun, I'm finding myself adding little bits of fitness in at random times. Like, the other day, whenever I went in to fill my water bottle, I did 10-15 wall pushups. Fitness is sneaking its way into my life and I think I like it.
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Lena B

Welcome to the community and good luck catching up with hazing. Good luck this week of sticking to your goals

Andrea Kruse

Yes, hazing is fun and a source of many sore muscles. Some mornings I hear parts of my body screaming... that I never knew were there before! Happy to have you joining in. It is crazy and gets results!

It can be tough when you have to eat out of the pantry only, but try to plan ahead for that when possible. I get a case of beans.. black, garbanzo, etc and always have brown rice on hand, quinoa, etc. Not always fun meals, but not processed and healthy.

Have a great week! Keep up your good work and stick with those goals. :)

Rachel @RunningRachel

Welcome to Mamavation! I look forward to following and supporting you on your journey! :)



whoo hoo on losing over a pound this week!

By the way - I saw a tweet that gruve's server was back up - hope you enjoy the gruve! :)


Sweet! Well done! Pretty soon you will need a bigger stick to beat all the men back the way you are going! Following last week's BIG loss with another loss this week is amazing. My history has been after a big week like that bouncing back about half what I lost and then back to normal weekly losses. Your accomplishment is inspiring!


Just to be the smartie I am..Welcome, hehe!

Thanks for being there on twitter at almost all times during the day, lol. You are such a joy to have in Mamavation and I can't wait to see more from you!


have an awesome week, i did some of those workouts and my theighs were sore the next day from so many squats , usually just do the crunches.

thanks for all your advice and friendship


Sounds like you'll have a good week. As for the hazing I must admit it is a workout in itself but fun to see what all I am capable of doing. I had such sore muscles last week though. But like you I've been tossing in things even before the hazing begins just because I feel like doing it. Keep up the great work and see ya on twitter.

Daenel T.

Hey! Congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the good work and *ugh* I've heard about the hazing but have yet to participate....


WELCOME to the sistahood *snicker*

I'm so proud of all the changes you are implementing! you are definately making this fit-friend PROUD!!! HUGS babe!

AND congrats on the loss! you are doing it the RIGHT way and acomplishing so very much!

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