Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

This past week went pretty well, I think. Here are the totals:

Thursday 2/24
64 oz. water, 1548 calories, no breakfast, workout - 453 calories, net calories - 1095
Friday 2/25 -
64 oz. water, 1010 calories, no breakfast, workout - 113 calories, net calories - 897
Saturday 2/26 -
48 oz. water, 678 calories, no breakfast, workout - 113 calories, net calories - 565
Sunday 2/27 -
64 oz. water, 1080 calories, no breakfast, no workout, net calories -1080
Monday 2/28 -
64 oz. water, 1127 calories, breakfast, no workout, net calories - 1127
Tuesday 3/1 -
64 oz. water, 1891 calories, breakfast, workout - 517 calories, net calories - 1374
Wednesday 3/2 -
64 oz. water, 1592 calories, breakfast, workout - 449 calories, net calories - 1143

It's personal evaluation time now. My water consumption was good all but one day, which is a definite improvement. I worked out 5 out of 7 days, which I am also mostly pleased with. I had planned to take Sunday off from working out, but I didn't plan on taking Monday off too. My net calories stayed in the range I was hoping for all but one day and even that one day, I am okay with that total, as I was seriously short on some of the other days.

I am still not eating enough calories most of the time and I think I need to step up the intensity of the workouts as well. Even still, I dropped down to 236 for my weigh-in this week. That's -2 pounds from last week, which was my goal.

My goals for next week are to consistently get a 300+ calorie workout in every day, eat enough calories for my net calories to be between 1100 and 1200, continue the 64 oz. water each day and to eat breakfast at least 3 times this next week again. The breakfast thing really throws me though. Most of the time when I eat breakfast, my stomach gets upset and all I want to do is to lay back down and get some more sleep. Not conducive to my other goals at all, but it is important for my metabolism and that's what I want to get revved up, so I will keep with the breakfast plan.

Also - according to one site, for my weight loss goal, it says that I should eat around 1200 calories per day (net) but on another it said that I should eat around 2000 per day (net). That is a huge difference! Any input from anybody? I weigh 236 pounds, I am 29 years old and female. I am essentially a beginner with my exercise level and would like to lose 2 pounds per week. I am okay with lowering the 2 pounds per week down to 1 pound, but this is the criteria that these two very different totals came from. Any suggestions?



What are you trying to eat for breakfast? Maybe a change of food might be better. Right now, I'm having a homemade fruit smoothie with a high fiber english muffin. I spread a thin coat of peanut butter on the muffin. I don't really have a calorie goal right now, but I've been told that 1400 is a good goal. That's between the two that you've read. How about you shoot for that?

Nice job on your water intake this week! I'm not even sure you needed my texts, but I'm happy to be sending them if you do. :)

Keep up the good work!

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