Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jim's Week in Review ... a little early again.

OK, here we go again. Shorter, early, and kinda dodgy. Last weekend, I was on the road helping my best friend move his daughter into a new apartment. It was a long weekend of eating out and eating junk food in the truck during the 7 hour drive. I also went totally off my meds during the weekend, which was not an act of will but rather because of lapses due to the weirdness of the weekend. My water intake dropped BADLY over the weekend as I shifted to caffiene-laden drinks to keep myself going. As for exercise ... spending 6 hours or so moving two 20-year old girls is plenty of exercise. I didn't make it onto the bike or elliptical, but I am trying. This weekend (actually Thursday through Sunday morning), I will be in Wausau, Wisconsin for the annual conference of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. There will be a hike on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which will be some nice exercise. We drive out Wednesday night, and we will drive back on Suday afternoon. My stress level is ├╝ber-high due to being in between two weekends back to back on the road, AND, while I was on the road last weekend, someone tried to break into my townhouse, so I have a broken and boarded up dining room window waiting on the insurance company to approve the repair and the window company to build the replacement. This of course, only two weeks after someone broke my passenger-side front door window to steal the GPS out of my golve compartment. So, what did all this do for me weight-wise? Well, on Sunday when I got home was UP about 4 pounds, but after all the junk food worked its way through my system and my meds were back in my system and my eating was better, my weekly total ends up being 272.4, which is a LOSS of .6 pounds. Yipee for me! Next week, I will be blissfully back on schedule, which means I will have a normal week in review post on Friday, and hopefully I will be able to report another loss. Until then, eat right, move around, and happy losing!



Dude! Sounds like you got lots of exercise in. The loss is totally awesome! The breaking in part not so much. Do you have someone with a vendetta or something? Are folks dusting for fingerprints? Something? Geez!

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