Monday, April 25, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Dropping the Ball

Happy Monday, everyone. Oh how I wish I could say that I had another butt kicking weigh in this morning. I didn't, though. I totally dropped the ball this last week. My water intake was pretty much non-existant. My dietary habits weren't bad, actually but probably could have been improved upon. Exercise...oh right...that's the thing you do when you get up and move about, right? Ok, I didn't totally slack there. In fact, I spent about 4 hours in the pool last week helping little kids learn how to swim. Apparently that wasn't enough to counteract the not drinking of water and such.

I'm still down 10 pounds from where I started. This is a good thing. I'm not closer to my mini goal of 275. That's annoying. I managed to lose 10 pounds. I know more how to do this. This is good. I totally didn't do it. That's bad.

The reality is that I know what I did wrong. I know that I let emotions totally get in the way of what I needed to be doing. It's been a rocky week for that. I just got to the part of things where I could move on from that last big rejection when that person suddenly popped up again and started acting like nothing had happened. That is such a man thing, I swear. Now to those few male readers I have, please don't take it personally. It's just that I've never experienced that behavior in anyone other than a man.

On top of that, I felt totally rejected by someone else that I've cared about for years. So, that didn't help. Plus, lately, I've been feeling really isolated. Truth be told, I am isolated. I live in the middle of nowhere and don't really have the money to go see people plus my house is in no condition (total representation of where I am emotionally) to have anyone here. I've also felt really apart from my mamavation lovelies. I'm sure a lot of that is all in my head but since this latest round started I feel like no one has time for me anymore and they're all busy with each other.

Now, really, I'm sure that's not the case at all. Heck, it's no one's job to babysit me. I'm just as capable of picking up the phone and texting or what have you. It's also my job to get off my sizeable rear end and get moving on things. I wrote this long thing yesterday (where very few people can actually read it) and I said that I'm not as put together as everyone thinks I am. I'm really not. Right now, I'm actually really fragile. I'm emotionally tired right now and that's dangerous for someone trying to lose weight.

So, where is this post going? I have no idea. I seem to have totally lost the thread of where that was...I guess I'll just say that a person can never have too much support. I need support. Jim needs support. My Mamavation sisters need support. I'm asking my friends to come out of the woodwork right now and remind me of all the awesome things about me and to show me some support. Together, we can do anything, even shed over 100 pounds. I'm going to look at this gain as a good thing. It reminded me of what I need to be focusing on. 10 pounds down, 101 to go.

Average Daily Water Intake: I won't say 0 but it was really, really low.
Workouts: 4 hours of pool time working with kids
Weight Change: +1.8 (current weight: 281.6)
Overall Weight Change: -10.2 pounds

PS No, there is no rhyme or reason for today's graphic other than when I was looking for something related to 2 pounds it came up and amused me. So, enjoy today's McHottie, everyone!


Three's Company

Not losing on a week full of so much change doesn't sound abnormal. Honest, you only had such a small gain. Don't forget to drink after you swim, you have such a long drive in, can you drink while in route?


I agree with three. Don't beat yourself up over the small gain with all the progress you have made. Instead, use it to motivate yourself to do even better this week. I know that is what I will be doing. And as for men being strange creatures with the emotional depth of a teaspoon ... oh, wait ... Hermione said that not you. But then again, she was right. Men can't multitask, and that includes emotionally. Men are like iPods/iPhones/iPads. We can "multitask" only by putting everything else ins a wait-state while we focus on the thing that has our attention at the moment. Sorry, it's just the way we are.

Beth M

You can do this! Don't worry about last week, go this week. I had a gain last week too. Now onto the new week.

Make yourself feel good about yourself and start working on your house. If you let yourself work through one room a week, you will find that you can conquer that too. Plus the added activity will keep you moving!
Here is to next week!

Just Heather

Bad weeks happen, but you've got a plan to get back into it. I find that following @FitMomTraining and viewing her circuit tweets as orders helps me keep up on it!

Good luck this week.

Grace Matthews

((HUGS)) I can honestly say that I completely know exactly how you feel. You are awesome for being so honest about it. Sometimes it does feel like we don't exist and everyone else is more important. When you are feeling this way...reach out. I know it's hard, but please reach out. I will always be available to chat about anything or nothing at all...which ever you prefer :)


I love your ability to say "you know what? I'm fragile right now."

I admire it.

I wish I had the guts to be as honest about that sometimes.


Your honesty is inspiring. You can do this. Don't beat yourself up, your attitude is great. Have a good week.

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