Monday, April 18, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Fantastic Weekend

Ok, so I have to say I don't know what happened to Jim on Friday or heck, what's happened to Deanne for something like the past 3 weeks. I'm going to have to check in on them and see what's up.

That being said, I had a super awesome fantastic wonderful want to do it again so soon weekend! What did you do, I hear the crowds all murmur in wonder? I went to Toledo! I know it's Ohio. Please don't remind me. Yes, I know I'm a Michigan girl and we're supposed to hate all things Ohio. This is Toledo, though. It's practically a part of Michigan and if we hadn't lost the war, it still would be. So, they get a pass. Ok? No being mean to Toledo, at least until Toledo does something bad to us. Then, trust me, we can be as mean as we want..once we evacuate some of the bestest people in the whole wide world from there.

Now, knowing my loyal readers I can just bet they're wondering who these fantastic wonderful fantabulous awesomesauce wrapped in bacon people are. Well, they're none other than Zac and James. Some of you may know of Zac due to the rumors that were going around that we're a hot item. Sadly, we are not. The man just does not recognize what would be good for him when it's right under his nose..*giggles*  James, however, is brand new in my scope of awesomesauce people. We met at Zac's play (which freaking rocked, by the way. If you're in Toledo, go see Inventing Van Gogh immediately. Ok, not immediately, it doesn't show again until Friday but you know what I mean!) on Friday. You guys know me, I cannot sit quietly if there are people around that I could be talking to! In this case, it got me talking to Breann and James and it turns out, they're also friends of Zac's and purely awesome people.  James and I met up again on Facebook and so far, we have just had a total riot swapping good music choices and just talking and laughing. Good things are going to come from this new friendship. I can just see it. So, I got to meet some fantabulous new people, see a seriously kick ass play (which I'm making plans to see a 2nd time but one knows that yet.), spend time with the amazing Zac (who I've missed horribly) aaaaannnnddd I even got some blog work done.

So, yep yep..all in all a very good weekend and one rambling post about it. I guess that makes you all wonder if this girl actually lost any weight last week with the insanity that it was plus a twingy knee. Yes, the knee is still not totally healed but it's getting there. I actually managed to fit in a couple of workouts last week.  The knee does not like side stepping but that will come with time. After all, it had been pretty badly messed up.

Ok, I've rambled on long enough. Let's get to the "good stuff". The numbers for this week are (I feel like I'm calling the, I am random today..hyperactive brain aisle 1):

Average Daily Water Intake: 70oz
Workouts: 2 Walking Workouts plus some upper body
Weight Change: -4.6 (current weight: 279.8)
Overall Weight Change: -12.0 pounds


Angela @ Nine More Months

Holy cow, Katie! You lost 4.6 pounds?! I am so proud of you! <3

Rebecca B.

You lost 4.6lbs? You rock, woman! Good job on the water and the work outs!!

And you can't hate all things Ohio... I'm in Cincinnati! That's just not fair! ;-)


Awesome weight loss!!! Great job, keep it up!

Beth M

Congrats on that weight loss. Keep drinking that water and your walking!! Great results this week.=)

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker

Hello from the tip of the mitt! Pinkie side, not pointer side :).

Have a great week!


Way to go! Your post is inspirational! I hope to match your loss over the next few weeks!

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