Friday, May 13, 2011

Jim's Week in Review ... Evening Edition?

Well, happy Friday one and all! It is late ... 8:58pm to be exact. Normally I post in the morning right after I wake up, but this morning, Blogger wasn't available. Silly blogger! So I waited until this evening, and now, after a long day, here I am! And guess what? Those two mystery pounds are here again too! But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Last week I was sick. I had, with the advice and consent of my doctor's office, discontinued my meds while I was getting over the stomach bug that was kicking my tail from here to the Himalayas. They told me that there is a stomach virus working its way around the community, and it is one that hangs around for a few weeks instead of the usual day or so variety stomach bug. By Sunday, I felt somewhat improved, and by Tuesday I was in the pink. We decided to start me back on my meds with a slightly different dosing schedule. The new schedule will take some getting used to, but we decided to do it in order to reduce the number of pills I was taking at one time first thing in the morning. So far, so good, although one symptom of my sickness returned with my meds, so we will be discussing this as we move forward. At least some of my gastro-intestinal distress is being caused by either my Metformin or my Byetta. Since the problem predates me starting on the Byetta, my money is on the Metformin.

So, when I could suddenly eat again ... well, lets just say my weight bounced back up ... bad. however, by the time I weighed in this morning, I had settled down to 272.2 pounds. Again. What is it about that blasted number that it keeps popping up?

Well, I really should get going. I am up early tomorrow to head down to Illinois for a special lunch event with Emilie and her mom, then we are driving back up for my brother-in-law's 50th birthday party. then Sunday will be a nice relaxing day, and then back to work on Monday.

So, drink your water, eat lots of protein and fiber, and next week, hopefully the scale has good news for ALL of us!


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