Friday, May 6, 2011

Jim's Week in Review ...

Let me go on the record as saying that I hate being sick. No, seriously, I HATE being sick. I am not a mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, dancing 'till the sun comes up go-get-'em yuppie, but I do consider myself rather active. Of course, the way I got this way was my activity being walking from McDonald's to Burger King, but nowadays I fill my time with better things, mostly work related, but once in a while, I fill it with good friends. Well, when you are sick, that doesn't really work out that well. Being sick takes almost all of your attention. Well, as reported last week, I am sick. More importantly, I have been sick off and on going on two weeks now.

Well, after I returned from hiking, I turn a really bad turn, and Sunday was horrific. I wont give you the gory details, but I spent a good bit of Sunday evening when I needed to be sleeping with my face in the toilet. We have a shortage of substitutes for schools right now, so I have made a decision that I must be in school unless I feel like I am on my deathbed. Well, after my close encounter with the plumbing, I felt much better, so I went to work. Had a pretty normal day Monday, then Tuesday I started heading downhill again. By Wednesday evening I was wreck again.

I sent of messages to my doctor's office and we decided to stop all of my meds except my blood pressure & cholesterol, and for me to take the pro-biotic suppliments to replenish the good bacteria in my system which seem to be in short supply right now (oddly enough the same suggestion my friend made if you remember last week's post). Well, it is a little early to say if they are helping much, but we were expecting a spike in my blood sugar due to stopping the meds, and this morning it was 131 which is just one point outside my target range. So for that I say so far, so good.

Due to being sick, my water intake has been great. Of course, all the diarrhea and vomiting still leads to the possibility of dehydration, so I think that in the grand scheme of things, I am basically just keeping up. I can tell my system is a little out of whack because for the last couple days I have had these monster salt cravings. Those are mostly over now, but now I occasionally get a little craving for something sweet. I have always believed that your body gets cravings for things it needs, so I assume this is my body's way of trying to restore its equilibrium.

Anyways, I said all that to say that this morning I woke up a little crampy, and I am hoping beyond hope that I am not heading for another bad day, I am way too busy today and tomorrow. All that being said, what's my score? See for yourself!

Weigh in: 270.4 (-2.8)

Down 2.8 feels good, and before you say it is all due to being sick, right after one of my monster barfing sessions, I randomly weighed myself and was down to 266.5 ... boy I wish i could have used that as my official weigh in! However, I am ever closer to breaking the 270 barrier, and I hope to have great news about that next week. Until then, keep drinking your water, and I am out like a fat kid in dodgeball!


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