Monday, May 23, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Missing

This is just a quick post because I don't have any internet at home. It sucks. Other than that, life is going ok. It's the end of the school year rush which typical to every year, I despise. I love the kids' school but I hate the last week of school because they try to smash everything into it.

My numbers are pretty junky but since I've done about absolutely zero towards weight loss over the past 2 weeks, I'm happy with them. I know that I ought to write more here, but honestly, I need a nap more than I need to write. Actually, what I really need is for someone to get back with me about how they feel on something and then to curl up against them and take that nap.  Here's to dreaming!

Average Daily Water Intake: 40oz
Workouts: None
Weight Change: (current weight: 277.2)
Overall Weight Change: -14.6 pounds


Andrea Kruse

I understand the no internet! These last 3 weeks my hard drive crashed & Blogger went down...Oh, it is painful. Hope you can get some rest and will be back working out next week. Tweet me if you need anything... support, encouragement or a workout buddy! Let me know. *Hugs*


Living without internet stinks! What did we ever do without it?

I hope you can take a break and take care of yourself at the same time. End of school must be insane.

Missed you dearly this week! hang in there you can do it.


This is a busy, busy time of year. Eat well and drink more water, oh and rest. You'll be back to a more relaxed schedule soon I hope.

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