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Mamavation Monday - Wellness

Ok, it's official. I'm going to be brave and pledge to be a Mamavation Sista. I do hope that I'm doing this right, but if I'm not, I'm sure they'll all forgive me. So far, I've had nothing but positive interactions with the ladies over on the Twitter hashtag. They seem like a really great group of mamas. So, I'm voting babystep 1 (check out the Twitter gals) a success.

This post is babystep 2. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I think I finally found the support that I've been needing all along. Now, if I could just get my brain to work enough to write this fabulous post that I know the world is waiting for! My poor brain is wrapped up in my ex-husband's business and how it's going to affect my boys.

However, just that one sentence reminded me of why I'm doing this. I'm doing it so that I can be a better mom to those two fantastic boys. I'm doing it to feel better about myself and so that my asthma doesn't prevent me from being the best possible mom to them. I'm doing it because pretty soon (like this week) their world is going to explode and they need a healthy and happy mom to help pick up the pieces. Plus, I'm doing it for me. I'm tired of going to the doctors and having their skinny little selves tell me that my weight is the problem, even when it's not and they're using it as a lazy way to do their jobs. I want to be taken seriously and sometimes I feel like my weight prevents that.

So, here I am. My first Mamavation Monday post. I've only been following the group for less than a week now, but it's already helped me. This past week, or so, I've been doing so much better with my water intake. I haven't gone past 64oz a day (of water) but each day, it's getting easier and easier to drink those 64oz and sometimes other drinks (tonight I made a smoothie).

My goals for this coming week are simple. I want to get 64oz of water in each day. I also want to add in one day of exercise, that isn't snow shoveling. We're supposed to get hit hard starting sometime tomorrow night and going all the way into Wednesday night. Without a doubt, I will be out there shoveling at least twice.

I know that my biggest struggle for this coming week is going to be making myself get up off the couch and putting in the workout dvd and doing it. I'm going to make every excuse not to do it. I will do it though. I will also shovel that snow and continue on catching up on laundry which means some stair climbing is in my future.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to learning more about Mamavation and getting to know the ladies involved so much better than I've had the chance to do so up until now. I'm so thankful for the support they've already given me and I can't wait to be able to give back to them in the same way.

---- Mamavation Monday Question ----
From my understanding, each week there will be a new question. This week's question is brought to the group by Earth Footwear.

 What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness is an all encompassing word to me. There are so many types of wellness. There is the physical wellness that includes healthy living and good health. There is also emotional wellness. Quite often when we're not physically well, it leads to us being mentally unwell. I've been both (Nobody panic, I'm not psychotic! I just sometimes suffer from depression.) and am working hard now to become someone who is healthy and happy. I'd love to go for healthy, wealthy and happy but one step at a time, right? I want to be "well."



WooHoo for taking such a big step! You are doing awesome with the water and setting goals. I was so glad to have Mamavation (and still am!). I am so tired of the snow too.
Stay strong for the boys. We are here for you!

Angela @ Nine More Months

Katie I am so proud to see this post! (And yes by the way, my post was talking about you.)

I think you are doing great with your baby steps, and please don't feel the need to rush them. Do your workout video once a week, for two, three, or even five weeks. It will get to the point where you'll want to add another day because you enjoy working out. Gradually, maybe even without even realizing it, you will be popping that video in several times a week.

Before starting my journey as a Mamavation Mom I absolutely hated exercise. I could eat as healthy as I wanted, but without exercising I wasn't going to lose any weight. Now I wouldn't say I love to exercise (yet anyway) but my attitude towards it has definitely changed. I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to do things to lose weight. Instead I feel motivated to do things because it will make my life better in the long run.

I think you have the right attitude to help you be successful. You're super positive and you're not just doing this to lose a couple of pounds. I know you're going to do so well!


Hey girl! Just got your email. Very excited you are pledging. I'm so happy we can already be a good influence on you. I do the invitations on Wednesday or Thursday. Hope to see you Monday night for the show!! XXOO --Bookieboo

Shelley (@momma_oz)

Totally stoked to see your post :) I love that u are taking babysteps and am so excited that you are officially jointing our happy family :)

As for the ex... I understand.

Like Angela, I was the epitome of a couch potato before joining Mamavation... And my eating habits were WORSE than bad. Keep asking questions and u will find the answers and support you are looking for! I look forward to getting to know u better :) (hugs)


Hi and welcome to Mamavation! The support here is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Babysteps are so important when starting your weight loss journey and for healthy lifestyle changes. It helps you reach achievable goals and find success. The more success you have the more likely you will keep up the hard work.
I look forward to getting to know you better. If you have questions please ask. that's why we are here. Have a great week!!

Lena B

Great to have you on board. We all made a commitment at some point. If you need support, I am @elenka29 on Twitter and good luck with your baby steps

Andrea Kruse

Welcome! You might notice that everyone's Mamavation Monday post is unique to them, so I don't think there is a "wrong way" to go about it. Glad to have your joining in.

The key for me and exercise has been finding something I like. If it is drudgery to get off the couch, then find something that is fun. I just love dancing. I also need variety so I add to my DVD collection whenever I can.

This is a great group for support, help and the occasional & requested butt kicking. Lol. Glad to have you here and I look forward to getting to know you better.


You did this post just right. Welcome to Mamavation, posting, and stepping in to this online accountability. I hope that whatever happens this week is not too upsetting to you or your boys. Have a wonderful week taking a step closer to your goals.

Rebecca B.

Welcome!! Everyone above me has said it all so well... your post was just right!

We're all here for you, whatever you need. Keep up what you're doing, and remember the baby steps! :)

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