Saturday, January 29, 2011

Water Intake

Ok, I'm not really allergic to water but for some reason, this "comic" amused me. I've actually been doing really well this week on getting enough water in. Even though I haven't dived 100% into the Mamavation Sistahood (that still cracks me up because..well, because I just don't say stuff like sista.), I find their tweets to be so motivating! I love that they cheered me on yesterday when the only exercise I got was grocery shopping. They're right though, every step counts!

So, like I said, I've been doing well with my water intake. I'm averaging 4 glasses of water a day. I guess I should tell you that when I say a glass, it's actually a 16 ounce University of Michigan glass. I love this glass because we (my friend Jim and I) actually bought it in a thrift store in Cheektowaga, New York. It's a constant reminder of a fun day out with a friend.

I do have a couple of questions about drinking all of this water, though.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed the "issues" that I have. Like, for example, has anyone started drinking a lot more water than they used to and all of a sudden they feel dehydrated all of the time? That's part of what's happening with me. I've upped my average daily water intake to approximately 64oz a day and now, once I start drinking water, I feel constantly thirsty. Is this normal? Is my body now like oh my gosh, she's drinking it, let's get as much in us as we can before she changes her mind?

Which leads to my second issue, water "hoarding". Ever since I started drinking more water, my hands have been all puffy, like they're retaining water. Is this similar to the always thirsty issue where my body is saving it up just in case I stop drinking it? If that's the case, how long does it do this before it says ok, she's going to keep going so we can shed some of this? I hope it's soon or that maybe it's somehow (though seemingly unlikely) related to the fact that I'm probably pms'ing some.

Either way, I'm not giving up. I'm actually feeling really good about my water intake and who knows, 64oz is the minimum so maybe soon I'll be adding in a 5th glass every day! Oh, plus, I totally splurged yesterday and bought The Biggest Loser - Power Walk dvd.  It was $9 at Walmart and while I probably shouldn't have spent that (money is well seemingly always in a negative balance around here), I did want to get something to help with the exercise portion when I add that in.

As for now, I'm off to grab a bowl of Grape Nuts before I fill my water glass for the first glass of the day!


Wanted: Healthy snack recipes for kids and adults, alike. Also, if you're looking to "rehome" any exercise dvds, Wii games or anything of that nature, please consider me.


Angela @ Nine More Months

I know what you mean about thirst. I can drink 100oz of water and still be thirsty. My husband thinks I'm crazy! I'm not sure why that happens, but I'm assuming it's a good thing. Your body wants you to keep drinking water. Keep up the great work!

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