Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome back, me?

It's been something like 5 months since I wrote here and let me say, I have no idea what I weigh, but I know that I put back on every ounce that I lost. I really need to do better and get on the ball with this. I'm fighting myself though. I'm going through a round of depression with some serious concerns over finances and J still stuck down in Arizona. He's been trying to find a job up here for almost 2 years and nothing. It's gotten to the point where me moving to Arizona is back on the table and neither of us is happy about that. It would mean leaving my boys behind again unless their dad would let them come with me and really, that's just not all that realistic. Plus, I just applied to grad school and if I go to Arizona, it means putting that off for another 2 years while I establish residency. Ugh! So, what happens when I get depressed and stressed out? Well, I eat more for one thing. Plus, I eat more garbage. Suddenly, I don't want to cook for myself. It's just too much effort so I start eating cereal and pb&j by the ton. So not good.

I need to do this. I need to lose weight. I know that financially I can't afford a fitness program or weight watchers or anything like that. Heck, the only exercise I might get for now will come from Wii bowling (we don't have a Wii fit or balance board) and maybe that yoga dvd I bought ages ago and have made every excuse why I can't do it "right now."  Walking outside is out because it's sooooo cold out there and I don't have the money to buy proper winter gear that would allow me outside for extended periods of time.

On a better note, I do have plenty of grocery money each month (thank you state of Michigan) and there's plenty of tap water in them there pipes. I just need to make healthier meal choices and I'm sure that portion control is a major thing I need to work on.

So, I'm back. I doubt any of the others will post here, but I'm here. Hopefully by working with Kathleen over at A Better Second Half, I can get motivated and become the beautiful, healthy woman that I want to be. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do so. She's such an inspiration and while we don't know each other personally, I'm sure hoping that we can become friends and push and motivate one another.

Water Intake: 5 glasses yesterday
Days Without Soda: 7
Today's Water Goal: 5 glasses



Just a note Katie. If you need a workout to watch or follow along with, try google or youtube. There are all kinds of workout videos on youtube, and yeah, you'll have to wade through the cr@p to find something legit that you like and can follow, but they're out there. Good luck, I'm in the same boat. I get sooo depressed in winter and all I want to do is eat junk & hibernate. (Oh, and since you have grocery $$, soup cans work great as light hand weights-lol)

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