Monday, April 11, 2011

Mamavation Monday - I'm back!

ello ello my lovelies! It's Monday and I'm back! Not just back writing but slowly finding my way back into fitness and weight loss! I'm thrilled to report that the knee is probably 99% better now and that means I can get some workouts in again. The trick to fixing it? You're not going to believe this. A pair of shoes. Seriously. My knee wasn't getting worse and then one day the pair of Earth Footwear shoes that I had won arrived. Since I can't resist leaving anything new in a box, I took them out and put them on while I was waiting for the boys to get out of school. Then, I wore them around for the next couple of hours. When I took them off, I realized my knee was feeling tons better! I wore them the next day for a serious shopping. I should have been crying by the time that trip was done. I know because I was the week before when I was in just as much pain starting. I wasn't! I actually felt better. So, word to all of you out there...get good shoes. Get shoes that really support your feet. This is probably a bit duh, but your feet support your whole body so if they're out of whack so is your entire body. My next goal? To get a pair of their fitness shoes. I'm in love with the black Rebounds but they're out of my price range for now.

Ok, so after what probably sounded like an infomercial, but was totally sincere, let's get back to my week in review. I had the boys here this week so that was enormous amounts of fun. We made some really decent headway and reclaiming our house and just having fun together. I'm a little sad that they're back at their dad's now but we're all practically counting down the days until summer vacation. I can't believe that it's a mere 6 or so weeks away!

As for me and the health and fitness side of things, it was a bit rough. I discovered that while Roger wants to workout for me, his imitations of the guy in the dvd are just too funny. I end up laughing instead of actually working out. I did sneak in one workout while the boys were off reading though. Nutrition was also a bit rough this week due to my kitchen still looking like an explosion happened in it. To make matters worse, the boys and I assembled a new bookshelf for in there. That meant everything that had been sitting in that corner is now scattered all over the kitchen. It's ok though. As I tell the boys, it's progress. It's progress towards our greater goal of making our kitchen a functional space. Plus, the kitchen would have been back together this weekend except I ended up taking a paying job that I could do here from the house. Messy kitchens will wait.  Paying jobs won'

So, here's my rundown for the week:
Average Daily Water Intake: 56oz
Workouts: 1.5 level 2 walking dvd workouts + 200 wall pushups
Weight Change: -3.6 (current weight: 284.4)
Overall Weight Change: -7.4 pounds


How would you like to alter your family’s nutrition and eating habits? Do you have a plan to do this?
Our big thing is being able to get enough produce. It's rather expensive here and it's been a struggle to get enough healthy foods into our diet. However, now that the weather is warming up, we're talking about putting in a small garden. It wouldn't meet all of our produce needs but it most certainly will help!
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Woo Hoo! I'm so happy to see you report a loss :) WTG! Also AWESOME time with the boys :) and you are totally right on so many accounts - a good pair of shoes can make all the difference and messy kitchens WILL wait - paying jobs won't! WTG! you are doing AWESOME so keep it up!

I expect more water, more steps and more workouts next week, RIGHT?!

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker

Yeah on the loss! Have a great week!

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