Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaway: Sportline Pedometer

Hi all! I don't know how many of you noticed but not so long ago, we here at Welcoming Weight Loss received our very own domain! Ok, we didn't receive it. We actually purchased it. We're still super excited about it though!

We are so excited that we're going to give all of you a chance to win something that will help in your weight loss and fitness goals. It's a Sportline Pedometer. Walking and movement is so important in being healthy and we thought this little gadget would be the best way to inspire and motivate you to keep on moving! It's going to keep track of those steps and so much more. According to the packaging, this little baby has 15 functions. 15! Some of them include:

1) Counts Steps
2) Tracks calories-burned
3) 7 day memory recall
4) Displays in English or metric standards
5) Measures distance

Pretty cool, huh? I bet you want to know how to win it, don't you? Well, I guess then I had better tell you.

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment telling me your biggest weight loss or fitness challenge & how you're going to achieve your goals despite that.

Bonus Entries:

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  3. Subscribe to our feed
  4. Comment on any other non-giveaway post (easy since this is our first giveaway!) - Max 5 comments
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  6. Write a blog post about our giveaway. (Please leave a link to your post in your comment.)
Ok, if I did that right, there should be a maximum of 20 entries per person. That's a lot of chances to win! Now, for the fine print:
This giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Monday, September 5th and the winner will be contacted via email. If the winner does not respond by Friday, September 9th, a new winner will be drawn and contacted. This contest is open to all people in the United States and Canada. It is also open to all contributors of Welcoming Weigh Loss, except for Katie, since she's the one sponsoring the giveaway. 



One of my biggest challenges is keeping myself motivated. It can get discouraging seeing a gain, or even just staying the same. I just remember that even if the scale isn't moving, there are other changes taking place, and I'm becoming a healthy person.
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LoLo VAn

One of my biggest challenges is the fact that I have chrons disease. Do to this I am on and off steroids all of the time which causes weight gain. Plus I can't eat your standard diet food. Honestly I have decided that I will just have to count my calories and workout when I am feeling well enough to be able to!!


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Was just thinking this morning that I need a pedometer!

One my challenges is to get moving. I let the stress of my day get in the way.


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