Monday, August 15, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Time is flying by and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up! It's hard to believe but in 3 short weeks, school will be starting again. I'm not ready. I'm not ready for the obvious reasons. I haven't bought school supplies yet. The kids don't have new shoes yet. I'm also not ready because it means I "lose" my boys. They go back to their dad's and I only have them here with me every other weekend. I'm not ready for that. I'm not ready for summer to end. 
Summer is over yet, though and we have plans! Woo! This weekend, we're going down to Toledo to celebrate the marriage of my friends, Chris and Lauren. I'm so happy for the pair of them. This will be the first time just the boys and I have ever gone to a wedding reception. I don't worry about their behavior. I just hope that they have a good time.  
Then, it's home to do more cleaning and purging. It feels good to see space opening up in this house. We're not close to done yet but already we can see so much improvement in the house and it's making us all happy to see it. During that time we also have to start packing for our family vacation! Woo!
For the first time really ever, we're going on a family vacation. Justin, the boys and I are going camping labor day weekend. We're all so excited. We're staying at a state campground right on Lake Huron so there's going to be camping and walks around the campground. We're also planning on visiting at least one lighthouse and a dinosaur park. Did I mention that I can't wait? I'm so excited. I've already got lists going of everything that needs to be bought (groceries) or packed (everything else).  
What does all this mean about my fitness goals? It means that right now, they're still back burnered while I enjoy every moment that I can with my boys. We're still drinking water and we even talked about working exercise into our schedules. My boys are learning and growing with me on this journey. It's a good thing.

What qualities do you look for in a healthy breakfast? Any go-to breakfast recommendations for a busy mom?
I don't know that I have any recommendations. We prefer quick and easy. Smoothies are one of our favorites. The supplies are always on hand and it's as easy as tossing everything into the blender. As for qualities, I would say that quick and easy is at the top of the list in addition to be filling and healthy.
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Andrea Kruse

Sounds like you have a lot of fun and excitement in store for you and your family. Enjoy youself!

I hope you are able to sneak in some fitness and health for yourself. It is tough, but you are worth it.


Enjoy the time left with the kids. If you are being active while being out with them, that helps you.

mindy b.

Yes, enjoy what's left of summer! Sounds like you've got the right idea of trying to incorporate exercise with them right alongside you. Hugs!


I'm on the same Back to School train that you are! My girls have paper to write on, but nothing to write with, no backpacks, shoes, school clothes, etc etc.

Have fun on your vacation!


enjoy the time that's left :) I can completely relate...


Oh, wow, you all are going to have so much fun camping! I miss camping in Michigan. So beautiful and fun. Enjoy these precious 3 weeks!


Have fun these next weeks with your boys & beau. It sounds like you have worked some fun/workout activities into the itinerary.

Jenn of

Time with family is so precious and it looks like you are doing your best to stay aware of healthy choices. The journey is slow and steady, not a race. Love your graphic choice with this post.

Judy Joyce

It's hard to keep up when so much else is going on. I think you have to have really hard core developed habits to stay the course and resist temptations. Me, I just use excuse after excuse! It will get easier! Have a great week!

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