Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Almost Like Visiting an Old Friend ...

Yo-Yo (slang): Fool or idiot.
Yo-Yo (noun): A child's toy that goes up and down on a string.

And if I ever find the dang string attached to the number 281, I will find the biggest scissors I can and cut it!

For the past year, I have been yo-yoing between 281 and 271.  I am back at the top of the string again, and I am NOT happy.  For the past month, I have been out of my routine, and I am finally settling back in to a routine.  School has started back up again, and that helps immeasurably.

I could focus on what went wrong, or how I feel about it, but instead, I am going to focus on routines.  the routines will all be based around being in school again, obviously.  My lunch period is kind of late (1:45-2:45pm), so I think that part of my routine will have to be a set time for a healthy snack in-between classes.  Actually, since my morning free period is second period (about 10:05-11:05am), maybe I will eat right near the end of my free period.  After all, in my schooldays routine, I eat breakfast around 6:30am, which puts that free period about four hours later, and maybe I can keep a few granola bars around for my lunch period later in the afternoon.

Now I have to think about a few other things to work out in my routine and then I can hope to watch the pounds melt off. First things, first, back to work, then on with life and weight loss.

Oh, by the way, I feel like a fool for the way my weight has gotten out of control.



It's a great idea Jim to keep healthy snack available during the day. My desk at work is stocked with dried fruit/nut trail mix (already portioned), microwave popcorn, and Fiber ONe bars. That helps me to have a filling snack when I don't have time to grab lunch early enough and keeps me away from the vending machines. Good luck and know this - YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you

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