Monday, September 12, 2011

Mamavation Monday - One Tired Mama

Holy heck, I'm tired. I don't even know how it could possibly be Monday again. I feel like I've done nothing but run, run, run....and gotten so little accomplished! Let's look back at the last couple of weeks...

It all started out 2 weeks ago'ish when we went to Roger's school for his openhouse. He got the teacher that we thought he would and he's happy about it. Then, it was off home to have some family movie time before we went to Detroit to get Justin. Except, dumb mom moment...I locked my keys in the van. I had to call Peter (their dad) and luckily, he still had a spare and was willing to drive the 22 miles out to unlock my van for me. Whew! Then, a late night drive to the airport meant an early morning arrival back at the house for sleep.

We spent Thursday - Sunday morning camping at the wonderful Hoeft State Park and then stopped in to see my grandma on the way home. She was doing pretty well and kept us entertained and enjoying her for a few hours before it was home again. Labor Day brought tons of errands and then taking the boys to their dad's house. Tuesday brought school and taking Justin back to the airport. Since then, it's been desperately trying to get into the swing of the new school schedule while fighting off a cold. I think I'm doing ok with the schedule, but not so much on the cold side of things.

Today has been crazy. I thought I had a few quick phone calls to make and here it is 12:33pm and I'm still working on getting all of that mess sorted out. It's just insane sometimes how difficult it can be to work with the medical community for the good of your child. Oh well. It will get done. With any luck, it will get done before today is done.

For now though, I leave you with two things....the first is something I came across while searching for today's blog graphic (by the way, I so do not consider myself to be a supermama) and all I could think was what the heck is this a graphic for?

I would love to hear your suggestions. Maybe it's to show some kind of exercise. It can't be a birthing position because she has pants on and no kid wants to get stuck in mom's pant leg on the way out. Any ideas?

Lastly, I leave you with a video...this could maybe, sorta, kinda, possibly be our application video....maybe....

Now, since silly Blogger refuses to let me re-align my text to the left, I leave you with this totally silly looking last paragraph. I've gained weight. I haven't lost weight. I'm not giving up. Today is another new week and a new week of change. I can do this. I can get back down to where I was and I can keep going from there. I will not let the stress of being a special needs mama slow me down or get in my way. I may not be a super mama but I am a kick ass woman and I can do this. I will do this. Starting right this very second. 



You are a kick ass woman! Don't forget that!

As for the picture, first off it gave me a much needed laugh! Second I have no idea what that woman is trying to do, maybe throw her boobies between her legs for some reason???

Watched your video! Hope you get it!


Great video! Do you have an application tweet yet? Hopefully you get all the medical stuff situated soon.

As for what the image, it looks like a squat and then bending between the legs. No clue what that would actually be working.


I vote for Mom is either totally constipated, or trying not to shit her pants...But that's just my take on it.

I'm glad you and Justin had some quality family time with the boys and I'm sorry the medical community is being butt faces. :(

Love the video!


Good luck! Too bad the beau isn't in it. Should have made him do his own and cut and pasted it together, haha. I wanted to see him, dang.

You are doing awesome! Prayers for your grandma sweetie!


great video good job on sending a message to the viewer of the seriousness of weightloss.

maybe the graphic is showing you how to do a squat lunge combo lol

so far ive had to miss both classes due to work issues but plan to get in walking and stationary bike


Awesome for you for being positive! I think the picture is showing the proper posture for sticking one's head up one's @ss when they gain weight. What do you think?

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