Monday, September 19, 2011

Mamvation Monday - Changes

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm sick as heck with an end of summer cold. Yesterday, I was feeling better and got all productive and then Wham! Bam! (batman sound effects anyone?), I was like oh shoot, maybe I shouldn't have done that. I spent the rest of the night curled up under a blanket fighting off hot and cold flashes. Today, I feel like my head is full of that stuff over to the left there. Ewwww! Yep, total grossness.

Let's see, other than that, last week was pretty good. My oldest son had his first school dance on Friday. I don't know how it's possible that either of us is old enough for that. What's different at his school is that they hold them right after school. The dances run from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. I like that but at the same time, I remember the fun I had at home primping and prettying myself up and the kids miss out on that.

Other than that, it was a pretty typical week around here. Ok, no it wasn't. What am I thinking? I think the snot monster stole my brain for a minute there. I almost forgot the drama of early last week when it took me 3 days to set the surgery appointment for my son. I finally got that sorted so keep us in your thoughts for December 13th. He's having hamstring lengthening surgery and any surgery scares this mama to death.

Then, there was the whole I'm going to repaint my bathroom fun. I know a lot of people think of me as Little Miss DIY (is there a t-shirt for that?) and I admit, I love playing with power tools and this kind of thing. In fact, I asked for a laser level for my birthday. I did. I haven't gotten very far in the process because there's a lot of prep work to do and silly me, I forgot to buy an extra small roller to do my stripes. I'm fixing that today, though.  Want to see what's done so far? Well give me a minute to offload my camera and I'll show you!

Sadly, these aren't the best of pictures due to the time of day that I was painting but hopefully they'll give you some idea of the icky peachy tan color it was before and the loveliness of the creamy white we're putting up now. 

Other than that, the only big thing happening with the family is our annual school fundraiser. I love this fundraiser because a) we don't have to sell anything for it and b) it promotes activity and movement. What I don't love? I can't seem to get anyone to sponsor my son for it. For the event, the kids move and groove their way through a multiple station obstacle course. There are a lot of laughs and a lot of fun movement involved. Roger has a goal this year of raising $500. So far, he has $0 and we only have until the 30th to raise the money. If anyone would like to help out, contact me and I can give you my paypal information.

Oooh, I suppose I ought to also say that Friday is my birthday and for the first time in years, I'm excited about it. I won't have made my weight loss goal but that's ok. This year has had some serious ups and downs but thanks to Mamavation and some very awesome friends and my amazing family, I'm actually happy to be here and looking forward to the coming year. I consider this my nonscale victory for this whole past year.

Now, for the numbers:
Average Daily Water Intake: 40oz
Workouts: Nothing formal.
Weight Change:278.4 (-5.0 pounds)
Overall Weight Change: -13.2 pounds

How are you planning to change up your workout as summer ends?

Changing it? I need to find one again. I guess that's my big change. I didn't really have a workout over the summer and it's more than time that I find one again. If life allows and I find some determination, you'll be seeing that information by workouts changing soon.

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Monster snot? Um...ew. Congrats on the weight losing. You're on the right track. The bathroom looks awesome. Keep with it and it's going to be just gorgeous! Might have to get back to formal workouts again..assuming the monster snot doesn't get you. Be brave.

Andrea Kruse

Loving the bathroom pics. Paint does wonders for the feel of a room, doesn't it?

Yes, I loved getting all done-up for a dance... and most teenage boys should change a shirt and shower. Lol

Happy Birthday (early)! Have a great one!


The Snot Momnster is an awesful, evil thing taht steals our energy and thunder. HATE him. But, the bathroom looks great! And... hope you get you laser level soon- I just got one and I LOVED it- used it to paint horizontal stripes all around my daugheters room.
Awesome job on the water, too. I am struggling with drinking enough water.

Sara @ Saving For Someday

Happy early birthday! I'm so glad you're looking forward to it. I know that feeling of it being just another day. Birthdays are special - and so are you!

Hope you're feeling better soon! Stay hydrated!


Happy early birthday Katie!! Hopefully you are all better this week! Start your workouts with baby steps and you will do great!


So busy, then having all that snot & yuckiness = no fun for Mama! Yes, find your workout routine. You'll feel better and you'll get the me-time that you deserve!


You lost 5 lbs? Way to go! Happy Early Birthday!!!

I am sure surgery is scary, luckily we have not had to deal with that with the boys!


Congrats on the weight loss. Happy Birthday, a bit early, but I know I'll forget because I've only read page 1 three times, lol.
I love how Justin is always right there backing you. You've found a keeper!
You can do this, I mean all of it!


Ugh - sorry about the end of summer cold. My son just came down with one too. Today was the first day and he is already asking to stay home from school. lol

I love DIYing it. Can't wait to see the progress of your bathroom. Ours is desperate to get done but we just haven't gotten in there.

And happy early birthday!!! :)


I REALLY had a hard time getting past the "not so shiney" thing at the top of your page... Snot Monster be gone!

Haooy early birthday honey :)

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