Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 week challenge

Ok, so time for me to get seriously serious about this. Starting tomorrow I'm going to be doing the 2 week challenge from mamavation. I know it's going to seriously kick my butt. I've seen some of the previous ones and they look just brutal. Katie likes to joke that she doesn't have a core, and I think I'm going to wish I didn't have one. I have a core and it's going to be so mad at me. They're going to post it on mamavation and if any of you would like to hurt awfully, you can do it with us! This is going to hurt, but it's really going to be a good thing. I'm getting too old to not take my weight more seriously and this is a good start. Thank you katie for pushing me on this. I love you for it and I'm going to show it by making you do it until you get a core as angry as my core!



I'm proud of you. You're taking this so seriously and I know you're going to amaze everyone.


You are going to love AND hate the 2 week challenge. :) You feel so awesome after you do it and that is worth all of the sweat (and sweat and sweat.....did I mention sweat??) and hurt muscles. It's an accomplishment just to get it done each day. I'm cheering you on next to you and I sweat it out too. :) Good luck!!


At first I hated the #2weekchallenge... not I LOVE to hate it. :)

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