Friday, September 16, 2011

Back on track ...

So my last post talked about the fact that I have been gaining instead of losing.  I gave some reasons, but mostly because I have been in a deepening case of depression, and as I am want to do, I self-medicate with food, hence the weight gain.

Well, I am now actively treating the depression.  It is slowly working and I am starting to see the sunshine again, as it were.

I have been out hiking again, and the exercise is doing me well.  Last weekend we hiked nine miles on the Greenbush Segment of the Ice Age Trail, up and down many hills.  When we hike, we track our hike with a handheld GPS unit, and I found a way to display the vertical profile (read: hills) on our hike and thought that I would show it here:

I just thought it was cool.  If you want to check out my hiking website with maps of our hiking, go to

Well, on to the stats ... last week I was back up to 281.0.  This morning, I stepped on the scale and it had some GOOD news for me for once.  I showed that I was down almost three full pounds to 278.2 pounds.  Hopefully, next week has more good news.  Until then, happy losing!



So envious! Nice job on your loss and getting out and hiking. You should have done way more this summer, but you know that. ;)

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