Monday, October 17, 2011

And our first scale picture is....

Kind of hard to read, actually. I had all sorts of issues getting this thing to behave how I wanted, but I finally got it. This is my first week in move it lose it and I think I was pretty good. I did at least some sort of exersise each day and really worked on keeping reasonable portions. That's always been more of my issue. In addition, I worked out every day and actually hit the gym on Friday to torment myself further! I actually kind of liked it. Is that sick of me? I think I might be a sick person.
Aaaanyway, without further delay, here's the picture and the numbers:

If you can't read it, that is 358.0, which is a decrease of 4.6 pounds this week. I promise not to get cocky and to realize that I'm not really likely to lose that EVERY week, but I'm really happy to see a good number on week one. Let's all of us keep plugging away and get healthier!



Congatulations! Keep up the great work! Keep cheering on your wife too!


I'm proud of you. You worked so much harder than me and you have the results to prove it. I cannot wait until the 28th when we're together again. I love you.


Great job on the pounds lost and exercising everyday!


Great job!! Keep up the hard work, that is an awesome amount of weight to lose in a week.

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