Monday, October 3, 2011


Last week just kicked my ass. Week one of the 2 week challenge is down, but week 2 is coming along now. It was incredibly hard and I lost 2 whole pounds and 2 whole inches. It's not a finish, but it is a start. I'll be pleased to keep doing that a for a couple of months. That would put me down 20 pounds and 20 inches and I think I would be quite pleased. :) I'm in the running for mamavation 10. More on that later, but I really am trying to qualify for something with mama in the word. Who knew!



2 lbs down and 2inches lost is awesome, if you ask me! Hope you have another great week!


Awesome job! It kicked my butt too! I found it to be a tiny tiny bit easier today. At least I felt that I could walk after.

Keep up the excellent work!


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