Monday, October 3, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Finalists?!?

Wow, where do I start? I guess I should start out by saying I totally stole this week's graphic from this post here. I did that because something amazing has happened. Somehow, Justin and I were made finalists for the next Mamavation campaign. If you don't know what that is, it's a 7 week bootcamp for the both of us. If we won, we would be provided with individualized help from such awesomeness as Pete Cohen, Alyssa (sorry, girl! I don't know how to spell your last name!) and Daniel. Honestly, it's an amazing opportunity and I never expected that we would make finalists. So, here's the thing. To win, we have to get people to vote. Honestly, as long as it's legal, we can make that happen anyway we want. In the past, I've seen giveaways done. I've seen mad scrambling and all sorts of craziness. Now, I'm as wacky as the next girl, but here's the thing...I don't have anything fitness related to do a giveaway with right now and I'm not in a financial position where I can go buy something. So, are you ready for this?

I'm just going to ask you! I'm not going to say I'm more deserving than anyone else. I'm not going to bribe you for votes. I'm just going to ask: If you think we would be inspiring...if you think we would rock this...if you think we deserve this, would you please go vote for us? We're craftsbykatie and justinvation. That's all. Now, on to my regularly scheduled post.

This past week was full of week 1 of the 2 week challenge. Wow. That's the one word used to describe this. I nearly broke down in tears on Day 5. It tried very hard to kick my ass but I said nope and I kept going. I have to say a major thank you to Megan (nccarterfamily) and to Justin for pushing me through that workout. Their encouragement and support made a huge difference to me!

Now, for the numbers...and for the first time ever, I'm going to write under them. I feel like I should insert another drumroll, but for space sake, could you just play the above one again?

Average Daily Water Intake: 50oz
Workouts: Gruntstyle 2 week challenge
Weight Change:277.2 (-.2 pounds) ** Edit: reweighed and I'm down -1.2 for this week! Yay!
Overall Weight Change: -13.4 pounds
  (corrected number = -14.4 pounds total!)

Yep, all that work and I only lost .2 pounds. How discouraging is that? So, remembering what we always tell the other girls, I went and got the tape measure. I figured that if the core monster was gaining muscle, I could live with that loss for this week. After one week of the 2 week challenge, here are my numbers:

Arms: 19" (L) & 17.5" (R)  <---- I keep telling people I'm lopsided. Now maybe they'll believe me.
Waist: 45.5"
Hips: 54.5" <----- Isn't that scary? Another reason to vote for us!
Legs: 28" (L) & 29" (R)

After 1 Week:
Arms: 19" (L) & 17" (R) <---- -.5 inches on the right arm! Now I'm even more lopsided!
Waist: 42" <---- Umm...that's minus 3.5 inches. Does that mean I do have a core? 
Hips: 54.5"
Legs: 28" (L) and 28" (R) <---- Woot! My right leg caught up with a 1" loss!

Grand Total Change: -5 inches. That's after 1 week. Is that even possible? It must be because tape measures don't lie!

This post is sponsored by Brita and I took the Brita Challenge to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women .



Congrats!!!! Woo Hoo.

I am so proud of you for the inches loss! The 2 week challenge is kicking my butt as well! I still haven't done todays...

You are a rock star - don't forget that on this healthy journey!


You are kicking ass and taking names like a boss!
Those inches don't're losing weight, but gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. You're totally doing it! But I totally understand the want to see more of a scale difference. It'll happen. Promise.


I promise you it is entirely possible to lose inches and hardly any weight. That is what happened to me. Our measurements look alot alike.....just another reason why I love you. lol

I can't wait to support you and watch what you guys do with this campaign. Good luck!!!!

Marie "aka Shorty"

Congrats!! Keep kicking butt. You can do! have a great week!

Andrea Kruse

Congrats on being a finalist!! I am happy to support you.

Getting votes doesn't have to cost money or require giveaways... be creative and rally your friends to rally their online friends, etc. Don't forget to guest post where you can to get the word out. :)

Have a great week!


YAY for being a finalist! I totally had faith in you guys!!! :) Now off to vote!


Congrats on becoming a finalist - you are going to rock this, I know it!
I am looking forward to getting to know you and watching you grow from this mamavation journey. Good luck!


WOO HOO On the inches girl! That's Freakin Fantastic! So proud of you!

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