Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Changes

Happy Sunday? I know..I know...I never post on Sunday. Nobody panic though. I have a very good reason. I almost typed raisin there. I don't know why. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have to go into town early to drop off some paperwork at the kiddo's school, go to the post office, leave tons of comment love (hanging out at the library until it's time to pick up the kids), do the usual kid routine and then rush home to prepare for the big announcement tomorrow night.

I want to thank everyone who left me comment love or messaged me to show me your support in what's turning into a very difficult time*. Deciding to back out of the campaign was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in a very long time and it broke my heart. I spent a workout and a morning crying and then I decided to stop being a victim. Sometimes life happens but that doesn't mean I have to let it define me or what I can do. I confess that I half-assed my way through a couple of workouts and I have the results I do  because of that. It's ok. That was then. This is now and now, I'm up and going again.

So, since Justin and I won't be doing Campaign 10, Leah has been nice enough to allow us to continue in the MILI challenge. As part of that, we're required to post before pictures...what you didn't see at this point was me going nonononono! You see, I forgot to get a scale picture earlier and of course, I've eaten by this scale picture? Well, it's fairly close to my weigh in. That'll teach me to think I'm on top of things!

Now, as I was saying...Before pictures. Since I'm a "single" mom right now, I had to get Roger (my 10 year old) to help out by taking these pictures. He cracked me up acting like a professional photographer. He was jumping around saying now, lift your chin just a little..there..there..Ok, got it. Now turn and pose for me. We actually had fun doing something I was nervous about doing. I haven't seen a full body picture of me in years and this is a bit of a reality check for me. Ready? Here they

Ok, wow. I am totally and utterly embarrassed to post those. Sometimes it's hard to see this kind of thing. It's hard to believe that I'm down 15 pounds from where I started this journey. What must I have looked like before? Ok, deep breath time. I am not going to feel bad. I am going to take these pictures and use them as motivation. Yep, I can and I will.

Ready for the next picture? This is my scale picture. Sadly, it doesn't show the number that it showed this morning but that's ok. It shows a very good approximation of where I am on this journey.

I apologize that it's blurry. No one told me just how hard it would be to get a scale picture! I had my camera, on and ready to go on the counter next to the scale. By the time I'd grab it, point it at the scale and press the button, the numbers had vanished! I think I took about 5 pictures before I managed to be fast enough. Nobody told me there was agility training involved in MILI!

I have one last set of figures to give you...the measurements . Since the 2 week challenge is also ending tomorrow, I'm going to post these in 2 sets. The first set will be where I was before I started the 2 week challenge. The 2nd set is where I'm ending it and beginning MILI. 

Weight: 278.4
Chest: 48" (damn big boobs!)
Waist: 45.5"
Hips: 54.5" (mama's got her some birthing hips?)
Arms: 19" (left) and 17.5" (right)
Thighs: 28" (left) and 29" (right)

After 2 week challenge/at start of MILI:
Weight: 276.8 (really 276.4 but I'm going with the scale picture for this) -1.6 pounds
Chest: 48"
Waist: 40.75" -4.75"
Hips: 54.5" 
Arms: 18" (left) and 17" (right) -1" and -.5"
Thighs: 27" (left) and 27.5" (right) -1" and -1.5"
Grand Total Change: -1.6 pounds and -8.75"

While it's not as wow as I've seen some do, I'm totally happy with it. I've had a really rough couple of weeks and I've done some emo eating and I've slacked off on some workouts. It seems my hips and chest aren't quite ready to let go but that's ok because the rest of my body is on board and I know they'll give in one of these days. 

Now, for the weekly wrap up:
Average Daily Water Intake: 50oz (still struggling with this!)
Workouts: Gruntstyle 2 week challenge
Weight Change: 276.4 (-.8 pounds)
Overall Weight Change: -15.2 pounds

I just want to say good luck to all of the remaining applicants. Just remember, I might not be in this campaign, but I am still here to support you and to cheer you on. My shoulders and ears are always available, online or off. 

* I got the call from my uncle(s) yesterday. Starting October 20th, I will be spending Thursday night - Monday morning at my grandmother's house, helping to take care of her. 



Congratulations on being part of mili! We will be here to support you throughout as well!
Remember muscle weighs more than fat and those inches lost are impressive!


Good Job Katrina! Can't wait to see what changes you make in MILI!


WooHoo for MILI challenge I loved it when I participated in it. I don't want to overwhelm you with the commenting, please don't let me push you too much. I want you to be able to focus on your grandmother.
Big hugs for being brave and having fun with your son posting these pictures. It's nice to see you putting yourself out there.


congrats on the MILI challenge and focusing on the positive. I know that is sometimes harder than anything else.

Lena B

WOOT! Thrilled to have you back int he campaign - Email me tomorrow and let's get things rolling


Well hello, American's Next Top Model! :) You're doing it, Katie! Hugs!


Congrats on continuing with the MILI challenge. I obviously was out of the loop this past week b/c I had no clue. Wherever we are all at in this we are here to support.


We are going to so kick butt. I can't wait to get started and never stop. We're going to be so healthy. I can't wait.


I am so glad you are doing MILI. I can't wait to follow you through this journey!!

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