Monday, October 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Distractions!

You know you took one look at that picture and either went, "Huh?" or you started giggling. It is the oddest looking scale I've seen in a very long time. Why did I post it? Well because of the camera/scale war I have going on in this house. You see, taking a picture of your scale number is so much harder than it sounds. For me it involves the following steps:

1. Turn camera on.
2. Get camera zoomed in on the scale.
3. Set camera to the side.
4. Get scale turned on.
5. Step on scale.
6. Madly grab for camera when number comes up.
7. Get annoyed because camera strap has fallen in the picture.
8. Wrap said strap around camera.
9. Set camera to the side.
10. Repeat until you either scream in frustration and storm off or manage to get a blurry picture.

So, that's what I did this morning. Then, I sat down to write the post and discovered my camera hadn't saved the photo! Argh! I stomped back into the bathroom (which my pedometer happily recognized as steps) and tried this whole process again. The scale said I'd gained .4 pounds in 5 minutes! Really scale? I know you're ticked by this process but give me a break.

Now, for the past few months, I've been weighing myself in the bathroom. My bathroom (not because I want it!) has carpet. I discovered this morning that depending where I put the scale, my weight changed. How's that for accuracy? So, I moved it to the only piece of linoleum we have...which is right in front of my front door. That didn't work because it slants. Then, for my own amusement, I put it on the living room carpet. I instantly lost 30 pounds! Man, as much as I hate this carpet, I might keep it for that reason alone. I wish I'd gotten a picture.  Finally, I settled on the kitchen because it has super thin and rather useless carpet and the 10 times I stepped on and off the scale (that's how many attempts it took to get a picture!), the number stayed the same unlike other locations. So, to my neighbors...if you read this, don't look in my kitchen window on Monday mornings because you might get a show you didn't want to see. Or heck, I'm looking better these days..maybe you do want to see...

Right, that was a long tangent, huh? Long story, short..I posted that carpet covered scale in honor of my living room carpet which loves me. Now, since I know y'all have lots more blog posts to read and leave love for, let me show you this week's numbers...starting with the scale picture that I eventually got.

I hope you can see that number. It's a bit dark and now I realized I was zoomed in pretty far but those are my toes on there. I seriously need to remove the old nail polish and either redo them or leave them bare. This half painted look is not so sexy and since I get to see Justin this weekend, sexy is my goal. Homework is just that much nicer when a person is feeling sexy, don't you think?

Uh-oh, I'm tangenting again. I swear I have oooh shiney syndrome this morning. Seriously. That's a real thing, just like Wii arm. See? There I go again...I'd better give you the numbers before I spin off into space....

Average Daily Water Intake: 75oz (doing better!)
Workouts: 3000 step challenge x4 days + 3 Gruntstyle workouts
Weight Change: 275.2 (-2.8 pounds)
Overall Weight Change: -16.4 pounds

Now, for this week's Mamavation Question:
How would you brand your health and wellness lifestyle?  How do you want others to know you in this area?

Brand it? I'm not honestly sure. I guess Welcoming Weight Loss is my way of branding it. I want people to see that I'm a very real person with very real struggles in this area. I have those that I look up to and those who look up to me (though this is wow for me!). I'm successful, in part, due to the people that I have along for this ride and without them, this would be so much more difficult. I'm not actively looking to expand this brand, though the door is open for anyone who needs a Weight Loss home though knowing me, if they're female, they'll be pulled right into Mamavation too.
This post is sponsored by New Balance and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women.


Andrea Kruse

Don't worry! The pics and all get a little easier as time goes on. It will just become routine! :)

Love that you said "Welcoming" weight loss... yes, sometimes weight loss can be overwhelming, sites and personalities can intimidate those of us looking for information and just a welcome smile and word of encouragement. Have a great week.


I can't find your comment button, so I'm just going to piggy-back Owen's Moms' post.

You crack me up. And yes, that is reason enough to keep the "magic" if you find a Genie floating around your house let me know!

Congrats on the 2.8! That's magnificent!


I remember fiddling with my scale & camera last year because my camera weighs a whole pound. Funny you warn your neighbors!
Great job!

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman

You are doing so well. You are reminding me of what I need to do that I haven't been doing lately! H2O is a big one. Congrats on your loss.


You are doing great! Congrats on the weight loss!! I use my iphone to take my scale picture, maybe try your ipad and have less of a battle ;0 Hope you have a great week!


I love and hate weighing on carpet for the exact reasons you mentioned... in fact, before I knew better, I would weigh on carpet because I didn't know it mattered... and then promptly gained about 30 lbs when I began weighing on hard surfaces LOL! love your progress and am cheering you on :)


Congratulations on your water intake. I know for myself that I never realized how hard it was to get my water in when I started to track it. Keep up the great work!


Haha!!!! Awesome! I'm glad I don't take a picture of my weigh in (it's at a weigh watchers center) because I would get too frustrated trying to get a decent picture!! Have a great week :)


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