Monday, August 20, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Exciting Life

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Life has been never ending busy around here and for the most part, I haven't minded it. I'm still very much a creature of habit and so having the youngest start football has thrown me completely off, but for the most part, we're managing and we're getting things done.

It got me to thinking though. I've had people, who have heard excerpts of my life say to me, "Wow, your life sounds like it's so much fun and so exciting." It always throws me for a loop because I don't really think my life is all that exciting. It's life.

So, I started thinking. Why would people, who don't know me, find my life so exciting? Then it hit me. Editing. Those people only heard small pieces of my life. Quite often, the discussion was revolving around some trip I had just taken or some comic related event I was just returning from. To them, I was shoulder to shoulder with comic book genius and I was flying off to all of these events, quite often with a media badge. I was some sort of celebrity myself.

While this makes me feel pretty dang good, the reality is that I'm just like anybody else. Due to "editing", they didn't hear about how it takes me weeks or sometimes months to prepare to attend one of these events. They didn't hear about the anxious insecurity involved in applying for one of those shiny badges. They didn't hear about the nights alone in the hotel rooms while others are off having fun because I'm attending alone.

Folks, just because something looks glamorous from the outside that doesn't mean that it always is. In the same fashion, just because someone's life looks perfect from the outside that doesn't mean it is. There are a lot of people on this planet who are very good at editing. I've had people say to me, when did depression become an issue for you? I've never seen it. Again, my answer is editing. When you mostly deal with people via online or text based forms of communication, editing is easy. It's the real world that's harder.

So, just remember. When someone looks like they have it all, maybe they do..or maybe, they're just really good at editing. Love the life you're in and not someone else's. After all, maybe they're looking at you in the same way that you're looking at them.



That's a great reminder :) Thanks for sharing this motivational post :)


what a great post... especially with the advent of social media.


It's absolutely true. Who wants to post the crappy stuff??? I had this discussion with a friend of mine recently.


You're exactly right. The grass isn't ALWAYS greener. Thanks for the reminder!

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