Monday, November 7, 2011

Back on track

Starting back in the right direction again. I had a weird adventures in gymnasium event this week. I managed to forget to take my lock off of my locker at the gym on Weds after I was done getting dressed in street clothes again and discovered on Friday that someone took it and kept it. That's right, someone stole my combination lock. Without knowing what the combination is. Some people will steal anything, I guess. Been working the dadavation challenge too and I guess that's been enough working out, since I edged down this week after edging up the last two. It's nice to be back on the path again.

Weight: 356.8 (down 2.2 this week. Down 5.8 since the start)
Water: more than humans should consume. I seriously drink a ton of water.


Lena B

I wish your lock thief the best - clearly his life is that bad that he has to go unknown combination locks. Great job on drinking water and on your progress


They must have needed a paper weight, haha. Love the water comment! Great job with the weight loss and dedication to hit the gym.


Great job getting back on track! That is too bad at about your lock, did you ask the gym staff?

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