Monday, November 21, 2011

Mamavation Monday - It was bound to happen

Do you know this boy? I do. That's my oldest son standing outside of Spartan Stadium on Saturday morning. We were incredibly blessed to be gifted two tickets to attend Saturday's game against Indiana. Ben is what I'd call a superfan. He rarely misses a game if it's televised. He knows the players names. He cried when the quarterback came off the field to allow the second string quarterback a bit of experience. You see, the quarterback is a senior and this was his last home game.

My plans for this weekend didn't include driving 45 minutes to Lansing. I was going to clean (desperately needed) and focus on the holidays. Instead, we dropped everything and went. Know what? I wouldn't go back and change that decision for anything. This boy, so eager to see his team, didn't hesitate when faced with a huge flight of stairs up to our seats in the 59th row. Instead, he handed me his blanket and put one hand on the bench in front of him and hauled himself up. He hauled himself up all of those steps. He jumped to his feet cheering when his team scored. He threw himself at me and hugged me. He didn't let the fact that he has cerebral palsy slow him down one bit. He didn't complain when we had to walk down 8 flights (4 stories) worth of stairs after the game. He just did what he had to do and is already asking me if we can go again next year.

I need to take my inspiration from this little boy. He could have looked at those steps and said mom, I can't do this. Instead, he climbed. He could have stayed rooted in his seat because we were so far up but instead, he cheered and jumped up to support those guys down on the field.

This week, I've had roadblocks in so many aspects of my life. My house still looks like a tornado ripped through it. I lost days worth of kitchen cleaning and catch up because my sink blocked up. We got it fixed, just to find out that instead of fixed, it's now draining into the other sink. The plumber doesn't want to come back out even though he said it was fixed. Justin is still 2300 miles away with no sign of him being here anytime soon. It will probably be another 2 months until I see him again and then just for a weekend. The strain of the distance is especially horribly hard during the holidays. Take all that and the one week a month I hate hate hate to weigh in (women, you know which one) and the gain resulting from massive amounts of water retention and other blech and yeah, last night I said flat out, I want to admit defeat.

Will I? No. I'm going to try really hard to take a lesson from my son and just keep going, to focus on the good that's happening and hope that those who are around me this week can take a bit of inspiration instead of seeing only what I didn't get done.

Average Daily Water Intake: -- I'm honestly not sure.
Workouts: Friday swimming with the 5th graders & allll those stairs at the stadium with a few pushups thrown in.
Weight Change: 268.8 (+7 pounds) <-- The scale picture doesn't lie, but That's precisely what I lost last week. It will come off again.
Overall Weight Change: -22.8 pounds



thats awesome that your son shows dedication for his team and hopefully he will stay active as he gets older.

focus on what you have lost thats an amazing number I'm proud of you and I know you will continue to do good, If you ever need to talk to someone just give me a call 517-348-5115 or text me maybe we can set up a date to work out together since I'm not that far away from you


*sigh* I am with you on a lot of the issues you posted. But I KNOW you are going to get over this hurdle. You can do this, seriously!!

I am so glad you guys had a good time at the game. Well worth it when you think of the memories that were made. :)


You had me in tears, again. I've felt this lack many times. I didn't realize until this week that I had become complacent with trying. I haven't had it in me to give out my all. So I'm gonna push you both.

You can do this! It sucks you both are so far away from each other, but try to push yourself to sweat an extra 10 min a day (think about how sexy you'll be). Let that competitive spirit take over, I know its still in there. For every 10 min you tweet me I'll do 15 (which will totally suck since I promised the mister the same, but...). Final stretch...let's bring it home lady!


Katie girl, you can do this. I am so sorry for all the stress you are under. I can't imagine being away from my husband during the holidays. I complain about my side of the family all going to pcb for thanksgiving and not inviting us. (now don't get me wrong, we couldn't afford the trip anyway) but it's the thought that counts. but hey, their loss. I refuse to let it ruin my holiday. I pray you are still able to have an okay holiday, and get back on your feet. I know you can get over the obstacles and yes you can lose the weight again. never give up.. try try again. I am with ya. I have gained all I lost in my whole journey right back and more and am working from square -5 we can encourage one another. tweet at me and we will encourage one another @gaflygirl hugs!!

Lena B

Great progress! I am lacking long term motivation, so I so hear you, but putting one foot in front of the other is the way to go. I am here if you need help - just an FYI

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