Monday, November 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Sick of Being Sick

Ahhh! I cannot stop smiling when I see this picture. That is the very sexy and very talented Raven Gregory over there and he is holding up a sign that he wrote wishing me to feel better! Ok, I'm trying not to go all fangirl but I have to confess to having a bit of a crush on this guy. He's good looking, talented, smart and really nice. He's incredibly down to earth and he did that for me! Ok wow, my fangirlness is getting out of control so I'm going to take a few deep breathes, not imagine what it would be like to actually hang out with him and get back onto the track of this post.

So, as you can see by the sign (do not insert fangirl squeal here), I've been sick. Honestly, I've been flat out ill. It's been horrible. It included swollen and painful tonsils, fevers, aching, head/throat/chest congestion and general ickiness. Thankfully, a week later and we're down to just wracking coughs that lead to never having enough sleep. I'm on the mend though, thank goodness!

However, due to my ickiness, I don't really have a lot to report this week. When I wasn't taking care of the boys, I was flat out in bed for the most part. I do apologize for my absence but rest was required. I should be back more this week, though!  Now, for the numbers:

Average Daily Water Intake: 30oz (I didn't even want water, I felt so crummy!)
Workouts: Just Dance with the boys (while sitting on the couch)
Weight Change: 274.6 (-5.8 pounds) <-- This is what total lack of appetite does.
Overall Weight Change: -22.8 pounds

Mamavation Monday Question:

How has Type II diabetes affected your life?
Diabetes is something that is on my mind fairly frequently. I have not one, but three different friends who deal with this on a daily basis. In fact, Jim, who is a regular contributor here is one of those friends. I've watched him work on bringing it under control and we've talked about how being a healthy weight is a part of that. It's one of the reasons I'm trying to get my weight back down into the healthy range. My family has a predisposition to having problems with Diabetes and like I've said many a time, I don't intend on becoming a statistic. 
 “This post is sponsored by Better’n Eggs and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women” 

PS Want to know more about the hottie at the top? He's a comic book author. You can find his work at Seriously, he's good stuff.


Angela @ Nine More Months

Where have I been? You are shrinking before my very eyes!! 22.8 pounds? Holy cannoli, woman! Keep up the amazing work and feel better soon. <3


WOW, you are doing wonderful on your weight loss. You are an inspiration to us all! I really need to get more serious on my weight loss and get the losing happening again. Don't be surprised if you level off after a big loss this week.
Keep going!

Lena B

Get well soon. You are doing incredibly well - cheering for you


Hope you're feeling better soon... and yes, getting rest is much more important than being on twitter! :)

Marie "aka Shorty"

Great Job on losing the weight. Keep it up. Hope you get better soon. Have a good week!

Sara (from Saving for Someday)

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I can understand not wanting to eat/drink if you're coughing so much. I hope you feel better soon!

And, heck yah, go all fangirl! Moms deserve it too.


This was really a bad week for that stupid yucky ache cough sickness. I didn't realize twitter colds were contagious. Haha.
Great weightloss this week. Get better!


Get well soon! Congrats on the weight loss, even if it is from being sick. Fan girl swoon to your heart's content, anything that will make you feel a little better ;)


I hope that you start to feel better soon! Congrats on the weight loss!


Your doing so well considering your not feeling so well. And wow on the "get well" card... Insert kitty cat sound here...

Thanks for stopping by.


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