Monday, November 14, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Umm...What?

I don't really know where to start this week. I could tell you how I spent the entire week still sick but slowly getting better. I could tell you how I barely drank any water at all. I could tell you that I saw my first snow storm of the year. I could tell you about a lot of things and they would all be true. Instead, it's my family that weighs on my heart today.

As some people know, my grandmother is dying. She has stage 4 inoperable colo-rectal cancer that has moved to her lungs and her liver. Yesterday, we called her. We were supposed to go visit her but with me still having the dregs of something and the kids being a bit sniffly, we didn't want to risk her getting sick because of us. It was the first time since her diagnosis that she warned me, in her own way, that she wouldn't be here much longer. The reality is that this is probably our last Thanksgiving with her and she didn't seem so positive that she would be here for Christmas. I could hear it in her voice when we talked about me swapping holidays with the boys' dad. I didn't want to do it but she wanted me to.  I still don't want to but now I think I need to see if there's a compromise to be worked out. This breaks my heart. She's the only mother I ever knew and soon, I'm going to lose her. At that point, I'll basically be an orphan.

And now that I've totally depressed us all...I should focus on some positive. This past week was parent-teacher conferences. I'm so proud of my boys. They both did amazingly well. Ben had 4 A's and 2 B+'s. Roger had all A's except for one B. I guess all that time we spend doing homework is paying off. Did I mention that I'm super proud of them?

Another accomplishment this week? My bathroom is officially done! I'm going to be writing up a post over at Life With Katie sometime this week that should include before, during and after pictures. Until then, though...let's look at some numbers:

Average Daily Water Intake: 20oz (I drank more juice that water this week.)
Workouts: Nothing other than normal running around stuff.
Weight Change: 261.8 (-7 pounds) <-- The scale picture doesn't lie, but
Overall Weight Change: -29.8 pounds



OMG, wow! That's simply amazing and I am so proud of you! You're kicking major butt. I was going to poke you to get your 20 pound banner up but jeez. You need your 30 pound banner warming up and ready to go. This is wonderful and I am just super excited for this. Good job!


7 lbs???? Holy awesome!!!!

I am so sorry about your Grandmother. If you ever need a shoulder or an ear, I am here.

Andrea Kruse

Fabulous results! Keep it up.

I understand your feelings about being alone. I don't have any other family and now just my in-laws (not a great warm family connection)... it is tough around the holidays. Now I like to focus on the positive times, good memories and making those with my children. I will keep you in my thoughts.

If you get the chance, channeling stress and emotions into workouts... kickboxing, dancing or running can often help. Or even yoga can help reduce stress. Take care!

Marie "aka Shorty"

Great Job on losing 7 lbs. Keep it up! Have a great week.


Glad your health is getting back to normal. I'm so sorry about your grandMOTHER that isn't easy.
Great weight loss! You are doing amazing!

Sara @ Saving For Someday

Good for you on the weight loss and keeping focused on your eating given the challenging situation you are facing. I'm so sorry your grandma is not doing well. I understand, and hope you can spend plenty of time with her before she passes.


WOW! Awesome! I can't be more proud of you!

Judy Joyce

Great job in sticking to it. Those are amazing results. On your grandmother, I'm so sorry to hear. My father, 75, was diagnosed with Stage IV but luckily and surprisingly beat it about five years ago. It's a tough one and to handle losing the only mother figure you had must be very hard on you. My heart goes out to you.

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