Friday, November 18, 2011

What the .... ????

Hmmm ... 274.4 plus 3.4 equals 277.8.  And that leads me to my post title.  What the????  I haven't really done too much wrong this week.  Lets break it down, shall we?

First the good: I made it all five days this week.  I hopped on my exercise bike every day this week and rode for fifteen minutes each day.  WOOHOO!  Another good thing: my water consumption is up, about 48oz per day.  My short term goal is 60oz.

Now the bad: I ate out a few more times this week than I had for the past couple weeks.  I love Shrimp Fried Rice and Kowloon Chicken from Wong's Wok.  It took me a long time to get off the burgers, but now I need to find a better way to structure my food consumption of my new favorite fast food.  I know what the problem is: portion size ... they really load you up there.  If I were smart, I would bring a nice storage bowl and put half of it in there.  Oh, and if I eat out, I do it later in the day, so it throws my eating schedule off whack.

As the old saying goes, he knows what to do, he just doesn't do it.

Well, lets see what next week brings, shall we?



Also keep two things in mind:

1) Muscle weighs more than fat. Now, I'm not saying 15 minutes a day on the bike is building tons of muscle, but it could be building some leg muscle.

2) If your body is like mine, when I fall off the wagon and then jump back on, it takes a couple of weeks of doing the good before my body goes ok, she means it and stops holding onto every calorie I eat.

3) I'm proud of you for getting on the bike all 5 days and kicking butt. Welcome back!

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