Monday, November 28, 2011

MILI ending

And here we are at the end of Move It Lose It and, well...I probably should have moved it a little more and probably should have lost it a little more, but that's on me. I still ended up improving my overall health and weight...just not as much as I had hoped. This is a beginning and not an ending:

Starting scale

Ending scale

Starting front

Ending front

Starting back

Ending back
(Please ignore the side of my head. It was one of those days. :) )

start of MILI
Weight: 362.6
Chest: 59
Waist: 56.5
Hips: 51
Arms: 15" (left) and 17.5" (right)
Thighs: 25" (left) and 25" (right)

End of MILI:
Weight: 359.0 (-3.6)
Chest: 59 (0.0)
Waist: 55.0 (-1.5)
Hips: 51 (-0.0)
Arms: 16.5" (left) and 17.0" (right) (-1.0)
Thighs: 25" (left) and 25" (right) (-1.0)

Total, -3.6 pounds, -3.5 inches

(Note, still need to get the after pictures in. Those will be up this evening, never fear! In the mean time, look at my lovely placeholders!)



You have done a great job. I'm proud of you getting to the gym. If a challenge works for you then let me know because I want to be there for you.
Can't wait to see those after shots.


Way to go ... it is a great start. Keep it up!


What I love about MILI is that it creates awareness! Keep it up and you will reach your goals. Good luck!!

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