Monday, November 21, 2011

Same as they ever was.

I'm hovering right around the same spot again. This is a bit frustrating. I skipped working out on Friday because I was poisoned at work all day by solvent fumes. I wonder if that's my missing .4 pounds. Annoying. Back to the gym today.

Weight: 359.6 (+0.4)



Sorry for your gain, hope you have a better week!!!



Poisoning is a good reason to miss out on a workout. Yikes! I am glad you are ok though.

It can be frustrating to not see your weight move. I am there too. Just keep it up and with determination, you'll get it!!


good luck with your weight loss, just keep at your goals and it will happen just might take longer than you thought


I didn't realize until this week, but I haven't pushed myself because I've felt like no one but me cares if I push. So I'm gonna push you both.

You can do this! It sucks you both are so far away from each other, but try to push yourself to sweat an extra 10 min a day. Let that competitive spirit take over. For every 10 min you tweet me I'll do 15. Final stretch...let's bring it home mister.


Sorry to hear of the poisoning! yikes!! Glad you are okay!

Don't give up! you can do this. we all go through points where our weight sits at a stand still and we have to keep trying. try different workouts you haven't done before. maybe your body is just getting used to one particular workout routine? Drink lots of water to boost your metabolism, and keep going. I know how you feel. When mine doesn't go anywhere it is easy to get frustrated and want to give up. don't listen to the voice telling you it isn't working and keep pushing yourself. you can do this! keep up the great work! :-)

Lena B

Good luck on making it through frustration and figuring it all out. Have a great week

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