Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to the beginning ...

Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step forward. Or at least, that is what someone told me once. Well, that is kind of where I am today. If you remember, my first post, I was 277, and then I went UP to 277.7. I got .2 of that back last week, and this week, I got the rest of it back and I am at 277 again this morning. Now I have a feeling the weight is going to start just falling off of me. Why? Well, the week in review will give us the answer to that.

If you remember, my late post on Wednesday, I mentioned some great stuff was going on this week, but that I was going to save it for today. Well, here we go!

Having Type II Diabetes, I see a NP in my doctors office monthly. She functions as a health coach, cheerleader, meds manager and someone to discuss health changes with so that things can be addressed quickly if something comes up. I kind of like it, and my NP, Jennifer is amazingly knowledgeable about Diabetes and Diabetes care. Well, when I go in, we weigh me. My month to month weight change was -3. Sweet!

Also, while I was there we changed up my meds. She and my Doctor have been wanting to get me on a new med called Byetta. It is an enzyme derived from the Saliva of the Gila Monster that seems to have an amazing effect on stabilizing blood sugar. Since starting on it, my blood sugar has been amazingly stable, without the yo-yoing that it usually does during the day. As a side effect, it also is an appetite suppressant. People who are on Byetta tend to lose weight, as well as control their blood sugars. Bonus for me!

Finally, have been in the best mental state lately. Just very happy. A lot of time, when people are trying to lose weight, they suffer from mood swings and/or depression. I have had an amazingly happy week. Not sure why, I have just been happy.

So, today is a brand new day. The sun is coming up, and I can see some blue sky up there for the first time in like, two weeks. What does this new day hold for me? Well, I will just have to get out there and find out now, won't I?



I'm happy and totally envious of your new meds. It feels a bit like cheating to me. You get a medical appetite suppressant while the rest of us just have to fight our bodies. ;)

Each day is a new day and a new chance. Keep up the good work. Keep your eyes open for more water reminders.

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