Monday, February 7, 2011


I have exciting news, but before I get to that, I wanted to share with you some of my own personal struggles and accomplishments from this past week.

Water intake - I stayed on target every day with 64 oz. (or more) in each day. And for today, I am already at 30 ounces - and it's only 8 a.m.! Woo!

Food - Well, this one was so-so to be honest. We had some meals out (although I am pretty proud of myself!) I only ate half of my burger from Red Robin (a California Chicken burger - grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle and provolone cheese) and I subbed in mandarin oranges instead of having steak fries and then I had Subway another day, but I got the foot long and only ate half of that one. Probably didn't choose the healthiest option on the menu but the portion control was there. (I chose the Chicken Bacon Ranch - what can I say? I love bacon! And it was only 2 slices per 6 inch that a reasonable amount?) And I had it with provolone cheese, light lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers, light ranch and chipotle southwest. Don't know what's in the chipotle southwest but it's so yummy! I really should research a bit more about healthier options though.

I actually just went to the Red Robin site and discovered that my meal would have been 893 calories, but I only ate half of it, so really it was about 446 calories, which I think is okay? And for the Subway sandwich I had...291 calories for the 6 inch portion that I ate. That seems okay too, I think? Would definitely go for some feedback! I had water with both meals and for the Subway sandwich, I didn't have a side dish because honestly, the sandwich was enough.

Another day, we had the wonderfully yummy recipe that Katie shared on here the other day for stronganoff. And my JoNo (the 7 year old) had FOUR helpings of it! I had one helping of it myself. We were using styrofoam bowls that are kind of on the smaller side, so I think that was good portion control there. A small bowl that looks mostly full seems like a whole lot more food than a large bowl that looks mostly empty.

So, I think the food and the water both went okay this last week. I plan to continue with similar goals for the coming week, but more about that in a minute.


Exercise - I did not get the video done this past week. First part of the week, I was gone 16 hours each day, the last part of the week, I wasn't feeling well and then discovered that my seven year old's bronchitis had caught up with me.

Okay, so now for the part where I share the exciting news...I didn't gain and I didn't lose, so I completely maintained my weight. I would have preferred to have gone down in weight, but I am pleased with maintaining it as well. Back on January 27, when I first weighed myself for my tickerfactory ticker, I was 247. When I weighed last week, I was 240. This week, I am 240 still.

I found a site called, "Lose It!" via someone else's blog. I can't quite remember whose it was, because I was blog hopping and yeah, you all know how that can go, right? It's a free online tracking system. I joined and put in my information this morning. I'm planning to try to lose 2 pounds per week. Considering that I just maintained this past week, I'm definitely going to have to get that video in there this week.

So my goals for this week are to: limit calories to around 1200 per day, which means that I am going to be watching what I eat a whole lot more. But the nice thing is that "Lose It!" has a bunch of stuff already in there for recording what you ate and everything! Very cool.

Okay, so limit calories, continue with 64 oz. of water each day and an absolute must to get that workout video into the plan this week as well! My goal is to do it just once, but ideally, I'd really love to do it more than that.

Well, wish me luck! I'll check back in with you all next week to let you know how this week's goals went!

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention the part that I was excited about. I didn't realize it but my BMI is 41.2 and according to the chart that I was looking at this morning, I am very close to being "just" obese instead of clinically or extremely or severely obese. I know that it might sound weird, but that's kind of an exciting thing for me. Apparently the line between obese and clinically obese is around a BMI of 40. So I have a very attainable goal in that too!



Congrats on maintaining but I expect to see a bit of loss next week, girly! *grins* Get in there and do that video, even if you only do part of it. Any movement is good movement, right?


Once in a while, you forget about some of the Magic numbers in your weight loss. My BMI is 44.7 (your post made me look it up). I have to lose 37 pounds to move down from morbidly obese to just obese. Keep on keeping on, and maybe I can catch up with you!

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