Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Should This Really Be Happening? Really?

Whew! My body was certainly shaking a few minutes ago. I'm so glad that nobody is here to watch me do this! I forgot just how uncoordinated I am sometimes. I'm working out but it certainly isn't graceful! It doesn't matter though because I am up and I am moving! Today was the first day that I did my dvd since back on Friday and wow, I certainly felt it. I made it through but it was closer to day 1 than day 2 on it. I think that could be because I've been feeling a bit rough the past couple of days and my body was thinking, 'Ugh! Really Katrina, Really?" Yep, really.

So now, some random thoughts I've been having over the course of the past few days as I reflect back over my first week as a Mamavation Sista and drinking tons of water.

1. It is far more complicated to workout when you have a kitten rubbing up against your legs wanting to be picked up.

2. It is even more difficult to workout when the same said kitten changes his mind and decides to run around playing with his catnip mouse.

3. Drinking 6 glasses of water = waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more time spent in the bathroom.

4. While you're grateful for a good samaritan, it actually is frustrating when you lose your fitness plan of shoveling out your driveway.

5. You know, the winter heating bill might be lower this year because the more I move around, the less cold I seem to be. No wonder the boys are never as cold as I am.

If you have any funny or random thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, starting on Monday (Feb 14th), I will be picking my boys up from school every day so I'm looking for some healthy after school snack ideas. If you have any, please leave me a comment. I'm not against cooking, so if it's homemade granola bars or anything of that nature, leave me a comment with a link or heck, drop the recipe in here and then I'll post it to the blog.

Thanks all! I'm off to inhale a gallon or so of water! Dang sweating!


PS Remember, if you have time to strip your cupboards, you have time to fit in a quick workout.



Bwahaha! Was that last comment targeted at someone in particular? :) I'm actually doing quite well. I did some of my DVD on Monday, and then yesterday I did weights and the bike. Today, I haven't done it yet, but I will get it in as well. Probably more weights and some stairs or jogging in place or something thrown in for some cardio. :) Keep at it girl! You and I both!


I have made it three days so far on my moderate workout plan ... I will probably talk about it in my weekly post. I am not up to the 6 glasses of water, but I do sip on two 20oz bottles of *gasp* soda each day. So I figure if I work my way up to drinking an equal amount of water, I should have the equivalent of 6 glasses of water a day.


40oz of soda a day? Ouch! I hate to break it to you, but in my world, 6 glasses of water is 96oz of water. You do realize that you should be getting 64oz of water minimum each day, right?


zoinks ... 96 oz is alot. Last my Dr told me, 8 8oz glasses per day minimum ... and soda counts only as half water, but only as long as it is diet. And these days, for me non-diet is a mortal sin ... or a really bad need to stay awake emergency!


Kittens are CRAZY...LOL

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)

Another reason I don't have cats. LOL

And about the water thing... I know what you mean. I drink a ton of water and have to visit the bathroom continually.

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