Monday, February 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Heart Healthy

I just love finding fun graphics for this blog and I love when I can look at one and say nope, not this time! That's right folks, today is weigh in day and my scale didn't make me cry! Woo! I'm not telling you quite yet what the result was..I'm going to make you read all the way to the end to find out! Aren't I mean? Ok, you could skim down to the bottom and cheat, but c'mon, we're not cheaters, here...right? We're winners because we're doing this! We're tackling our weight loss!

So this week was a pretty good week, I'd say. I averaged my 4 glasses (64oz) of water each day. I'll confess that a couple of days I got 5 in and a couple of days I only got 3 in. It averages out to 4 a day, I'd say.  I also got in my walking dvd not once, but twice! I did it on Tuesday and then went back and did it again on Friday. It was actually easier on Friday. My legs held out longer which was super exciting for me. They also weren't twitching like mad afterwards which tells me that I was probably better hydrated for it on Friday.

Challenges...Well, there are always challenges, right? This week it was stress and my ex-husband.  I've actually written about that over at Life With Katie so pop over there if you'd like to learn more on that subject. Needless to say, he drove me to super high levels of stress, but with the help of one of my Mamavation Moms (Thanks, @notdiyheather) I got through it. I told myself that I was in control and I controlled my responses and reactions and it helped soooo much! I love being a part of the Mamavation Sistahood!

New Goals:  Well, this is my last week where I am totally at home. Next week, I start picking my boys up from school each day. That means I leave here around 2:30 and should get home around 5:30 or 6pm. This is going to mess with my schedule, so this week, I want to look at how I can still get my workout dvd in and what to do about meals (and healthy after school snacks for the boys). I'm going to keep up with my water and try again to do my dvd twice this week.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for....I almost typed!

Water Intake: Averaged 64oz a day
Worked Out : Twice
Weight Change: -2.8 pounds (Yes! Yes! Yes! Woo! Woo! I did that! I lost that!)

This week's Mamavation Monday Question is brought to us by Chef's Requested:

Q: What are you doing to keep your heart healthy:

A: I'm working on losing all of this weight that I've been carrying around for so many years. Less weight equals less strain on my heart. I'm drinking more water and adding in workouts. I've also noticed that I've started watching what I'm eating without even thinking about it. Pretty soon, I'm going to be adding in a "scheduled" healthy breakfast.



Yay Katie! Great job! I'm very proud of you! And yeah, I read about your stress from them earlier this week. Ugh! Glad someone was able to help you work through it though!

I had a decent(ish) week. Did you see the link for the site that I posted earlier? You should check it out! I think it's going to really help me out.


i hope that your new week goes well and you readjust great, what are these walking dvd's yoru talking about hope that in the spring we can meet up since were only about an hour apart..

Angela @ Nine More Months

Congratulations on your loss this week. That was all you! I am so proud of you. I'm so sorry I wasn't around much to be of any support through what sounded like a pretty tough week. But I'm here now, and hopefully to stay, haha. You are doing amazing, and I know you will continue to reach out and do what it takes to succeed. Go Katie!

Andrea Kruse

Fabulous weight loss! Not DIY Heather is good at that, isn't she? I loved her positive speech tips. Staying positive really does help.

I hope you have another great week and you are able to find some ways to get everything fit into your schedule. Life is all about the constant changes.

Jenn of

Great job on the weight loss. Love that little cartoon too! Hope stress is better this week.


Congratulations on your loss! Way to take control of a difficult situation. I think everyone is loving Heather this week! I have to say that I've "known" her in the blogging world for several years now, and she's definitely a great person to know.


Great loss! Have a great week!

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