Monday, February 21, 2011

Mamavation Monday - I was hoping for more

Oh folks, if only this was true. I would start clicking now...Of course, it might actually be true. I mean clicking that many times would eventually start to burn calories.  Ok, it's just not realistic. Yes, I considered it there for a moment...

So, before I tell you about my week, I want to share with you 5 random thoughts I've had about exercise and weight loss over the past 24 hours:

1. (had while stretching before workout) Man, you really need to sweep this floor. You're going add a pound of lint and such instead of losing weight.

2. You really need to remember to put a bra on before doing mountain climbers. With boobs this size, you could knock yourself out with them flopping about.

3. If Angela can workout with Leah, you can certainly do this 15 minute EA Sports Active 2 workout.

4. You know you actually worked out when your leg muscles still hurt the next day...yes, mine really do hurt today.

5. I'm not giving up. I'm not. It sucks, it hurts and emotionally, it's really hard not to see giant progress when you see others making giant progress, but I am not giving up.

That last one was a hard thing to come to. On Saturday, I was ready to give up. I was terrified that I'd step on the scale today and it wouldn't have moved or it would have gone up. I've been sick all week but I still worked out 3x and drank a ton of water and thought I'd done ok with eating, but somehow I just felt that it wasn't going to be enough and maybe I should just quit before I had to look at that number.

Then, I sat back and watched all the Mamavation ladies talking on Twitter and I couldn't do it. I couldn't quit. I have all these incredible women backing me (even if nobody told me I shouldn't make that chocolate cake the other night...) and I'd be letting myself and all of them down if I gave up now. I told myself that it's hard to lose weight and short of me getting strep again, it's not going to magically fall off overnight. This is going to take me years. There, I said it. Years. Not weeks or even months. Years. Every pound is a victory. Every single pound.

Yes, I wanted to lose 30 pounds before the Mamavation Meetup (aka Mamavation Fitcation 2011) just in case I really do get to go. The reality is that I probably won't. The reality is that these women won't judge me for my size. I know, deep down, there's a voice saying I shouldn't go because they're all so much smaller than I am. I'm ignoring that voice. I am. So what if none of them are as big as I am? We have all been at a point where we needed to lose weight and we were/are unhappy with our bodies. We're all making the changes. It might not be ok to be this weight, but it is ok to be me. That's what they're going to judge me on. They're going to judge me on me and you know what, most of the time I think I'm pretty dang good at being me.

So here we week in review....

Water Intake: Average 84oz daily
Workout: 3x (2x dvd & 1x EA)
Weight Change: -1



My momma used to tell me that nothing awesome comes of taking the easy way out.

Losing weight IS hard work and sometimes it sucks. But those that stop and revert to their old habits take the easy way out and don't get to be healthy.

Just remember that :) hugs!

Angela @ Nine More Months

I lost a pound this week too. I was upset because I felt like I did everything right, but wasn't getting the results that I feel I deserved. Then Leah told me to shut up because I need to look at the bigger picture, and not the weekly amount.

I learned something yesterday from Jude. When your body is working hard and is telling you to stop, don't listen. Don't give it what it wants because you won't get results. When you're tired and you think you can't take it anymore, that's when you need to do two more sets. Because it's those two sets that you're pushing through that you're going to gain the most from.

I'm proud of you.


Don't you DARE quit!! We need you and you need us!

Yes, this IS hard work, but it will be so worth it. Find ways to celebrate along the way. Don't just look at the goal of 30 lbs - it might seem unattainable right now. Work on losing 5 lbs. Then 5 more.

You CAN do it!!


Don't make me fly to MI and kick your butt! You can do this! It is hard work and emotionally challenging but we are all behind you 100%. Celebrate the small goals! Your body is not use to the change you are making but it will get use to it and will beg you for more. The more you feel like giving up, the more you need to push back. Because each day you are making positive changes within that you can see yet, but you will. *HUGS*

Andrea Kruse

Yes, it is hard... and I hate to admit that it will continue to be hard. But it is SO worth it. A healthier you... a healthier heart... better quality of life. So many reasons to keep pushing through with every bit you can.

I hope you have a great week. We are all in this together and we all have our low moments... just keep going. Never stop.

Laura @LoCiaravino

I'm only a car ride away in Kalamazoo. You need a kick in the pants, I'll give it to you. (In the most loving, but butt kicking way I can.) :)
Now we really should walk walk together. ;)


Love the random thoughts before hand...mine was always a fear of cookie crumbs stuck to me and someone coming to my door.
I still have that urge to quit because its too much or takes to long, but truth is most of us didn't put the weight on overnight so its funny we expect it to come off that way, lol.
I hope we both get to go this summer, even though I will be the size of a house ( 8 months pregnant) you'll have nothing to stress over, hehe. We all are or have been in your boat. You are an amazing Mamavation sista and can do it and we are all here to help. Keep up the great work.

Daenel T.

Don't give up. Remember, you didn't put the weight on overnight, so it's not going to come off overnight. I'm here to support you, so if you need a yell or whatever, just send up the bat signal.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers

Hi, I popped over from 5MinutesForMom and the Winter Weight Off and enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like you are also enjoying some great Wii games for kids- seniors - and everyone in between. :) Aren't they fun! Though I prefer the Tennis and Racquetball sports games.

And what a great point you made about how your friends will still be your friends no matter what. Very true. The reason I am working to lose a few pounds is so that I don't need to lose a LOT of pounds and because I feel healthier and better, which gives me more energy for babysitting grandchildren and caring for the elderly parents in my family. I think that when we find a goal for ourselves - that we will be more comfortable in our bodies - it gives us a good motivation to keep going. Last fall, I lost weight, then caregiving needs got in the way and I gained them back and I "Feel those pounds!" I want to FEEL lighter. And that helps me to keep plugging away. Hope it encourages you as well. :) :) :)

Have a blessed week!

Rebecca B.

You are NOT allowed to quit.

And Not everyone is smaller than you.

And you know what? Some smaller people? Were not always small people.

I have the same thoughts about going to the gym, and about running races.

I'm 190 pounds and I'm running a 1/2 marathon. Do you know how much the average person at that start line will weigh? MAYBE 150. That intimidates the hell out of me... but I'm still going to do it.

Who cares what size you are now? You're trying to make changes, and THAT is what makes you strong and wonderful and amazing. You are out there every day encouraging everyone... don't you dare quit on us.


Way to go! Keep those workouts going, and keep losing! You are really giving me the gumption to keep going. Oh, and thanks for the random text to remind me to drink water!

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