Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Katie mentioned to me that I hadn't posted on Monday and I knew I hadn't. I meant to and then it didn't happen and well, here I am. Finally posting on Wednesday. But you know what? I think I like this Wednesday post idea. You see, Katie updates on Mondays for sure. Jim updates on Fridays, so maybe I will start doing my updates on Wednesdays. See? It is a beautiful plan!

So, this week, my plan was to continue with 64 oz. of water each day, limit my daily calorie intake to around 1200 calories and to do the workout video just once.

Tuesday 2/8 -
48 oz. water, 1512 calories, breakfast, workout - 333 calories, net calories - 1179
Wednesday 2/9 -
48 oz. water, 1210 calories, no breakfast, workout - 24 calories, net calories - 1186
Thursday 2/10 -
48 oz. water, 799 calories, no breakfast, no workout, net calories - 799
Friday 2/11 -
80 oz. water, 1295 calories, no breakfast, workout - 229 calories, net calories -1066
Saturday 2/12 -
16 oz. water, 1583 calories, no breakfast, workout - 429 calories, net calories - 1154
Sunday 2/13 -
48 oz. water, 1667 calories, no breakfast, workout - 429 calories, net calories - 1238
Monday 2/14 -
16 oz. water, 1428 calories, no breakfast, workout - 172 calories, net calories - 1256
Tuesday 2/15 -
48 oz. water, 1,194 calories, no breakfast, workout - 255 calories, net calories - 939
Wednesday 2/16 -
64 oz. water, 1303 calories, no breakfast, workout - 85 calories, net calories - 1218

As you can see, my water consumption needs work. Only two days did I actually get enough water. That's just sad. I need to eat more calories for the most part. My eating calories should be somewhere between 1200 and 15oo and I need to eat breakfast on a regular basis. I only ate breakfast once the whole time. And I need to workout and burn calories on a more consistent basis.

Things to work on this week are: 64 oz. each day!, eat breakfast three times, workout goal of burning around 300-400 calories, food goal around 1500-1600 calories to keep my net calories between 1150 and 1250. This should be easy to do because we recently got an exercise bike and a glider. Both were gifts from my in-laws. So I plan to work out by biking at least an hour a day for endurance training, weights every other day for strength training and then focus on my abs on those off days from weights to focus on my core.

Oh - and my weigh-in. Last week: 240 lbs. This week: 238 lbs. Down another two pounds! I will gladly take it. So from my starting weight, I am now down around 12 pounds. I like it! I cannot wait to get down to my goal weight. I will have to wait though. It's important to not lose too quickly. Plus, with my current goals, I will reach my goal weight on my 11th anniversary. How awesome is that?! What a motivator to stay on track!



Woo! Glad to see your post. Congrats on the weight. I am concerned though because you have soooo many goals for this week. Remember that this is a journey and making a ton of changes at all once can make it tough to stick with it.


thats great that you keeping track of water intake and your calories burned and intake i should try that have an awesome week


Awesome! I love the way you broke down your week! That is way more work than I would want to do!

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