Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Did It!

I did it! I'd jump up and down in excitement, but my legs might collapse but I did it! I got my butt up off of this couch, put in my dvd and did the beginner level. Let me tell you that it wasn't easy! My legs were burning and twitching by the 1/4 mile mark but I didn't give up. I kept on going. I told myself I only had to get to the 1/2 mile mark (which is halfway through the session) but when it came I said nope, you can do this. You are doing this. Keep going! And I did! I kept right on going and before I knew it, I had walked the entire mile! Can you believe it? Me. The Queen of I hate working out. I walked/worked out the entire mile. Yes, sometimes I had to just walk in place but not very often. Sure, it wasn't nearly as graceful as some of the people on the dvd, but what matters is that I was moving! I was burning calories. I was increasing my heart rate.

Can I tell you a little secret? I felt good afterwards. I am sweaty, thirsty as all get out and my legs were twitching like mad, but I felt good. Someone on the Mamavation Twitter group said something about endorphins and I just smiled and thought how nice for her. Nice for her? Heck, how nice for me! For you! For everyone! Dang, if I'm not careful, I might actually start to enjoy this and do it on a regular basis! Note to self though, I need some better workout shoes. Mine are too broken in and they were the weird balance ones to begin with. I don't want to injure myself.

Ok, so I don't even know why I'm typing this other than maybe I'm a little giddy, but can I get a Woo Woo? I just know someone is going to read this and think I'm nuts but I kept thinking about Leah doing that last night for everyone's accomplishments and it really made me smile then and thinking about her doing it for me now is making me smile even more now! Woo! Woo!




Love your graphic, describes me a lot too :)


Woo Woo! Way to go Katie! You did it! I am so proud of you! But more importantly, YOU are proud of you! :) Keep up the great work! And you know what else? I like the way that you set the goal to 1/2 way through. If you can push through the initial pain to that point, you get your rhythm and then it's much easier.


I'll give yo a woohoo! I know the feeling, of course it has been a long time since I felt it!

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