Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wow, I was supposed to update on Wednesday and here it is Sunday and I am just now getting around to it. I haven't updated any blogs at all this week. It's just been that kind of week.

So, this week, my plan was to continue with 64 oz. of water each day, eat breakfast three times, workout goal of burning around 300-400 calories, food goal around 1500-1600 calories to keep my net calories between 1150 and 1250.

Thursday 2/17 -
32 oz. water, 1540 calories, no breakfast, workout - 340 calories, net calories - 1200
Friday 2/18 -
32 oz. water, 1320 calories, no breakfast, workout - 170 calories, net calories - 1150
Saturday 2/19 -
64 oz. water, 1470 calories, no breakfast, workout - 176 calories, net calories - 1294
Sunday 2/20 -
32 oz. water, 1754 calories, no breakfast, workout - 189 calories, net calories -1565
Monday 2/21 -
64 oz. water, 1612 calories, no breakfast, workout - 528 calories, net calories - 1084
Tuesday 2/22 -
80 oz. water, 2031 calories, no breakfast, workout - 992 calories, net calories - 1039
Wednesday 2/23 -
0 oz. water, 1346 calories, no breakfast, workout - 340 calories, net calories - 1006

As you can see, my water consumption still needs work. Instead of only getting enough water on two days like last week, this time I got enough water on three of the days. I have been eating enough calories for the most part, although my net calorie consumption is lower than it should be most of the time. I did get workouts in every day. Some days more than others but I did get a workout each day. That is something that I am actually really proud of. And we ate out quite a bit this past week, which I am not happy to report, however, I often planned ahead and chose healthier options, checking the nutrition facts online before going out. Oh, and I completely missed the bus on the breakfast thing. I really don't like breakfast and eating first thing in the morning makes me feel nauseous. I know that it's good to get breakfast in every day, but it's really difficult for me.

Things to work on this week are: 64 oz. of water each day!, eat breakfast three times, workout goal of burning a minimum of 300 calories per day, food goal around 1500 calories to keep my net calories under 1200.

Oh - and my weigh-in. Last week: 238 lbs. This week: 238 lbs. No loss, but no gain either. I will take it. I know that I can and will do better next week!


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